Eastman Kodak has confirmed plans to sell its traditional film and photographic paper businesses.

The company has already pulled out of the digital camera market, after filing for bankruptcy protection in the US.

Kodak is pulling out of the Personalized Imaging and Document Imaging businesses, which include ‘traditional photographic paper and still camera film products’.

In a statement, CEO Antonio M Perez said the firm plans to focus primarily on commercial, packaging and functional printing solutions, and enterprise services.

Full statement HERE

  • Martin

    What’s sad about it? The last good film they made was Tri-X, their colour films and processing were atrocious, no tears from me………

  • Peter

    What an absolute DISASTER! When I purchased my first serious camera back in 1984 a Ricoh XR-S, Kodak were a rampaging colossus and now look at them. Some irreplaceable film products may now be lost forever. A very bad day indeed for photography even if you don’t yet use film!