A camera believed to have captured one of the most famous images of the 20th century, u2018Kiss in Times Squareu2019, has sold for nearly five times more than expected.

Alfred Eisenstaedt was said to have used a Leica IIIa to take the photo, depicting a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square, New York on VJ Day in August 1945.

The camera went under the hammer for €114,000 (more than £97,500) at WestLicht Camera Auction in Vienna on Saturday – easily surpassing its €25,000 estimate.

Meanwhile, an original, signed, print of Eisenstaedt’s iconic image bowed out for €24,000.

  • AK Sarda

    Every time I view that iconic image, I can’t help but wonder whether Mr. Eisenstaedt ought to have added a watermark notification to that image to the effect, “No vertebrae were harmed during the making of this image”.

  • AK Sarda

    Each time I have viewed that iconic image over the years, I have wondered if that lady suffered some form of permanent orthopedic injury considering the stress that was imposed on her spine. Maybe Mr. Eisenstaedt should have added a watermark notification on the image stating, “No vertebrae were harmed in the making of this image”.