Jessops is gearing up to open a new Centre of Excellence at a newly relocated store in Leicester city centre.

The shop, at Gallowtree Gate, will open next Monday featuring Jessops’ ‘shop-in-shop’ design that allows customers to browse the store by brand.

Boasting a customer-friendly layout, and a large format printer for poster-size images, the shop will also run photo training courses through the Jessops Academy, with prices starting at £119.

The store will house a portrait studio where visitors can have their photo taken by a ‘Jessops photographer’ from £7.99.

The location of the new Centre of Excellence holds particular significance for Jessops because Leicester is where the company was formed in 1935.

Marketing director Sean Emmett said: ‘This new Centre of Excellence store is an exciting venture for Jessops as it is the roots of our heritage.’

A Jessops spokesperson explained that the store is moving from Granby Street to Gallowtree Gate as the new location has a higher footfall – providing access to more customers.

Jessops opened its first Centre of Excellence in Birmingham in April 2011.


    I hope the staff will be more polite than the one in Stratford on Avon. Looking at some lenses as I queued a salesman rushed to serve me. Finding I only wanted a card reader he turned and went back to the counter.
    Head office is no betterat replying. When Jessops ruined 3 important black/white films, admitting they’d been wrongly processed, offering a free film but now will not reply to any emails or letters

  • Chris Ingram

    Frank Jessop would turn over in his grave at the ‘hock’ the Company that he founded are in to the Banks! As the old saying goes “There are stops in Music……..

  • Chris Ingram

    Lets just hope the bank keeps bankrolling you,it can only be a matter of time. Personal and genuine service for me was Jacobs,Jessops are rip off merchants.

  • Sue

    Why – Jessops staff have no idea about cameras – they just plug the most expensive ones.