Jessops customers who bought cameras before the chain went under last week have been told they will not receive their orders, or a refund.

On Friday, the chain closed all remaining 187 shops with the loss of 1,370 jobs as the 78-year-old business ceased trading, just days after falling into administration.

Five of the 192 shops that were trading at the end of 2012, closed after Christmas.

A further ‘150’ people are expected to be made jobless at the company’s head office in Leicester, according to accountants PwC who are acting as administrators.

A statement posted on the Jessops website warns: ‘Customers who have ordered and paid for all or part of their stock – either in store or online – will not receive their stock purchase.

‘Customers who have paid using credit cards should contact their credit card company to try and seek resolution to this matter.’

Customers who are owed money by Jessops – such as in the form of unredeemed gift cards and vouchers, or courses paid for in advance – will also lose out.

They have been told to register as an ‘unsecured creditor’ with the administrators, using the PwC website at

Administrators have set up a Jessops Group Limited helpline which can be reached on 0113 289 4422.

Meanwhile, Nikon has moved to reassure customers that it is ‘actively working with administrators and plans to undertake all outstanding repairs as quickly as possible’.

In a statement, the firm added: ‘Nikon UK can confirm that we will also be honouring any repairs under Jessops’ Photo + extended warranty scheme.’ For details call 0330 123 0928.

To read the administrators’ advice to Jessops customers click HERE

  • d pang

    Westrive for cheaper and cheaper premium products and in a way we go into dixons or PC world handle the goods then go onto the internet and buy from a discount warehouse who has very few fixed cost such as staff wages and rent of the shops. however I have been to Jessops their range have been small and I have been and brought a couple of video cameras from them as I feel the assistant was keen about the product and showed me how to use it.

  • Paul Russell

    Sorry for the customers who have lost out, and sorry for the customer facing staff.

    However I can’t help but feel this was the predictable outcome since the venture capitalists – comprised of former dixons (and even a Farepak!!!) directors- got involved.

    Analysts can blame the recession, the smartphone, the internet, the banks and the suppliers. I just can’t help but think, as a company, they did this to themselves.

    I would extend my sympathies to all the supervisors, asst, managers and store managers who were laid off in 2009, those FT staff who were made to choose between being sacked or cut to PT in a ruthless cull.

    I would also extend my sympathies to those who worked for Jacobs, and to those who lost their jobs in other camera shops when Jessops was aggressively expanding.

    None of the store level staff asked for this or deserved this, I hope they find it easier to get back into work than those at the top who ran the company.

    I hope this news helps to consolidate the enthusiast market for the surviving specialist photographic retailers, who now more than ever, need and deserve our support.

    Between the Calumets, the London Camera Exchanges, the Wikinsons etc, there probably is one not too far from you.

    It’s easy to buy based on price, and hard to sell based on service, but give them a chance. What we don’t use, we will lose.

    As the wreck of Jessops breaks up on the rocks, amongst the flotsam and jetsam are more than the 1400 jobs lost this week.

  • Photo Book

    Jessops was a well trusted name and it is sad to see it go, for its customers, holders of gift voucher and their knowledgeable staff.

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