Jessops' brand name and online business may survive after expressions of interest from interested parties, Amateur Photographer (AP) understands.

Jessops’ administrator, PwC, remains tight-lipped following an article published by Retail Week which yesterday reported that trade and private equity bodies are among the interested parties.

A PwC spokesman declined to comment, telling AP this was ‘speculation’.

However, AP understands that the Retail Week article is accurate.

Meanwhile, PwC has told AP that Jessops stores have attracted interest from ‘household’ high-street names.

The administrator has confirmed that 77 of 150 people set to lose their jobs at Jessops’ head office in Leicester have already been axed.

AP understands that Jessops is likely to hold an auction of any remaining stock.

Jessops closed its chain of 187 stores last Friday, with the loss of around 1,400 jobs.

NEWS UPDATE Friday 18 January: All remaining Jessops stock will be shifted from high-street stores to a central warehouse in Northampton today, ‘weather permitting’, according to administrator, PwC


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  • Allan

    I’ve bought quite a lot of stuf from Jessops in Edinburgh in the last few years. I liked seeing and handling the gear, their (3rd party) 0% credit and their (3rd party) no-quibble insurance.

    These things can be replaced with some effort, but the fact remains that it’s a damned shame to see the shop go.

    As ever it’s the little guys who will suffer and so my heart goes out to the young staff who will find themselves in a long job queue to start 2013.

  • Calvo

    I believe Jessops failed to cater for the serious amateur and became another Dixons catering for the highly competitive mass market. Remember when they had their Hinckley Rd. store which stocked everything up to Hasselblads?
    I travelled to Harrisons in Sheffield when I made my last major purchase. What a difference to the present Jessops – well stocked displays of serious amatuer gear, knowledgeable staff & p/ex deals better than other major dealers.
    A “proper” camera shop just like the old days!

  • Ian Read

    there are a few unkind comments about jessops on here.
    how do we know that the staff maybe were totally unaware what was going on perhaps their fatcat bosses kept it quiet from other staff members .
    as for crap service I spent a considerate amount of money at my local jessops store in shrewsbury and I ALWAYS found I got first class service from the guys and gals in that shop.
    jessops mardol head shrewsbury shropshire I wish the staff from that shop all the best and hope you all find jobs in the camera business again as it was always a pleasure to deal with you all

  • Graeme Finlayson

    @Richard Painter – those are some pretty harsh words. My experience of Jessops has been very different to yours. Those stores I have used in the last few years (Leamington Spa, Banbury, Oxford, Reading, Maidenhead, High Wycombe) have provided excellent advice and service and were always busy anytime I visited. My local Maidenhead store was great – the assistant manager was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. He’s a married man with four kids who’s unfortunately just lost his job.

  • Kevin Hulston

    I always found the staff in Stockport store to be friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. At the end of the days it was not there fault.

  • Alan Etherington

    I find it odd that people find Jessops staff “Generally Clueless”. In the Middlesbrough branch the staff all seemed well in tune with their stock, knowledgeable regarding photography and offered good advice whenever asked. At the York shop, the staff offered help to those who were unsure about their cameras and equipment and said that they had people coming in regularly for their help. I’ve bought several cameras from Jessops over the years and have always been given good advice, my latest DSLR was taken from the box, batteries inserted and a tour of all the facilities on it was given. Very helpful. Are we in the North just lucky to have had a decent service from our Jessops and that all the numbskulls drifting south?

  • Robert

    The member of staff who served me once knew all about there insurance policies they sell but did not know that LRPS stands for Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society.

  • Richard Painter

    Until the Government changes the rules of Company Administrations, the problem of gift cards and pre-paid deposits will never change.

    Frankly, Jessops deserved to go, their service was crap and their staff generally clueless. The last time I tried to buy a camera from them the process was so frustrating, I went to an independent local shop instead who were brilliant. I never entered a Jessops store again after that.

  • Dusty

    I would have thought Jessops were actually over trading illegally when they were aware there were insufficient funds to continue to trade. A highly illegal practice and one that can see the directors in Court. The other thing is when was PcW informed, if it was before Christmas they also could be liable for allowing the company to trade. My advice to anyone owed money, have unused vouchers etc would be to contact Trading Standards and mention the above.

  • Disjointed

    Is that the same backers (Canon and Nikon) who were shafting all other photographic dealers to prop up a shambles of a company to serve their own interests?

  • Victoria

    I’d be happy if they refunded my gift card, yes yes, it’s all been said before, but they must have known the trouble they were in, yet continued to sell gift cards over Christmas – that’s tantamount to robbery!

  • bob

    It was not the supplies that withdrew their backing. But HSBC who pulled the plug

  • John

    I would not blame the manufacturers I am sure the last thing they wanted to do is reduce their network. I seem to remember them “Negotiating” With Jessops after just about every Christmas I was there with product profiles changing accordingly. At the end of the day we all want to be paid.

  • John

    This was always going to happen i wonder what PWC charged for the name. It still wont change the fact that premium camera sales in this country have had a big nail in the lid of its coffin.

  • Lee

    May I suggest that all photographers boycott any future Jessops branded company – on-line or otherwise – as a show of support for all those who lost deposits, equipment, or the value of any gift cards. Only by doing this can the average person demonstrate to companies that knowingly mislead customers (when they know they are unlikely to be able to meet obligations) -that this accepted practice is unacceptable.

  • Cuffy

    ‘Jessops’ is no more Kirsty, it will be PwC that auction stock, and it will be accessories and other small items that they actually owned… all the main hardware stock etc was taken back by the same manufacturers who withdrew their backing and sent the company to an unnecessary end

  • Catalina Martinez

    As a trusted photo print supplier, many photographers have designed photo books and calendars in Jessops’ photo software. Some will now want to find an alternative print supplier.

    The online photo service FotoInsight Ltd offers those looking to print their existing photo book designs a simple solution: downloading and installing the free FotoInsight Designer software. All projects from the now defunct photographic retail chain can be opened, edited and printed.

  • kirsty

    maybe jessops could deliver the goods to customers who have paid already before they start auctioning what’s not theirs