An auction of camera gear left over when Jacobs closed its 19 stores during the summer has raised more than half a million pounds.

Picture credit: Alexis Clarke

More than 2,600 bidders competed for DSLRs, lenses and other gear that remained in stock when the family-run chain shut its doors after 73 years, shedding 158 staff.

A Leica M9 raised the most cash, bowing out for £3,588.

The five-day auction triggered 228,000 hits on the website of auction organiser Jones Lang LaSalle – the largest response the firm has received to an online sale in four years.

An auction spokesman said: ‘All items were purchased by UK bidders, with the quality and range of stock believed to be two of the factors behind the sale’s popularity.’

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  • Peter

    I’ve got to admit Jacobs going is a very big shame. I remember them as rivals as I worked for Jessops between 1987/2000. In their glory days of the mid 1980’s to late 1990’s, Jacobs had a mega store on London Rd Leicester and it was that big you could get lost in it. Always had a massive range of stock which included the professional Durst enlargers at several grand apiece. Sadly the lethal combination of internet competition, the ability of alternative mediums like smartphones to take perfectly good pics,places like Asda moving into a shrinking market and of course the Amazon demonstration centre patrons took its terminal toll. A big shame and we are all the poorer for it.