Camera chain Jacobs, which set up shop more than 70 years ago, has gone into administration.

The firm was founded by Cecil Jacobs who opened his first chemist shop in Leicester in 1939.

Jacobs, which operates 19 stores across the UK and employs 154 staff, has called in accountants PKF (UK) LLP to handle its affairs.

Eddie Kerr, a partner at PKF said: ‘It’s desperately sad to see a family-run business such as Cecil Jacobs encounter problems.

‘The company has a rich heritage and loyal customer base, but this has not been enough to see it through the ongoing economic slowdown.’

Kerr added: ‘Our plan is to keep the business running in the short term and undertake an immediate review of the company’s estate, with a view to finding a buyer, if possible, for the going concern.’

More details will follow on this story as we get them confirmed.

The following message was posted on the firm’s website earlier today:

‘PKF (UK) LLP were appointed Joint Administrators of the Company on 1 June 2012.

‘The affairs, business and remaining property of the Company are being managed by them.

‘Partners and staff of PKF (UK) LLP acting as administrators contract without personal liability. In the event that an order cannot be fulfilled a full refund of any monies paid will be made.’

  • Alan Western

    That would explain why all the high value lenses have disappeared from display

  • stephen

    Jacobs are one of the best camera shops out there… been using them for 20 years! Jacobs going under, while Jessops remains, would be an EPIC miscarriage of justice!

    Jacobs – Great prices. Great service.

    Jessops – mediocre prices. mediocre service (at best)!

  • BM

    Sad Sad day. I feel sorry for A.J and his family and all the employees.

    Just when will the photographic industry wake up and smell the coffee?

    The likes of Canon – Sony – Nikon and the Midland Bank Plc should stop pouring fuel on to the fire and fanning the flames.

    For how many years have Wex and Jessops made a loss with independent retailers being destroyed in the wake with the loss of uncounted jobs?

    What a load of dribble is being printed as to why! Companies both large and small have to make a profit to survive – expand and provide a genuine service to the public.
    Come on importers wakey, wakey.