EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW It seems that drones may be set to appeal to photography enthusiasts like never before with news of the upcoming launch of the groundbreaking DJI Phantom 3.

As well as high-quality video, the Phantom 3 shoots 12-million-pixel images and allows users to alter camera settings like ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation – without taking their hands away from the accompanying remote control unit.

There are two versions of the Phantom 3, both due out in the next few weeks.

The Phantom 3 Professional will feature a 4K video camera and cost £1,159, while the Phantom 3 Advanced shoots 1,080p video camera (at 60 frames per second) and will be priced at £899.

Features will include a ‘distortion-free’ lens that is capable of capturing 12MP images at a 94° field of view. A DJI pilot app will allow users to get to grips with the drone before taking it out, as well as enabling them to live stream their flights to YouTube.

To find out more, Amateur Photographer spoke to DJI’s PR manager Michael Perry at yesterday’s launch event, held at the Guildhall in London (VIDEO BELOW INCLUDES PHANTOM 3 IN ACTION)