Fujifilm has this week announced plans to build a new lens factory in the Philippines to meet increased demand.

Construction work is due to start in October and production expected to begin in June 2013.

The 2.3 billion yen (£18.5m) plant will be based in the Province of Laguna, south of the capital Manila.

Fuji explained that the Philippines has the necessary infrastructure and ‘is rich in young human resources’.

In a statement Fuji said: ‘The demand for lenses with excellent optical performance is currently growing and is expected to keep up this trend, due to the development of digital cameras, surveillance cameras and projectors with higher performance…’

Significant economic growth in emerging countries has boosted demand for lenses, added the company.

  • Wendell

    can you please help me to find the contact number of their office in Philippines

  • Sonny O. Dungca

    This is a very welcome news for our country. Is the new Fujifilm factory s PEZA or BOI registered firm and in what exact industrial zone will they locate? May I know how to contact them for this project.

  • Mike Elek

    The Philippines can really use an economic boost. Hopefully, this will help to enrich (and not enslave) the local population.

  • Arthur E Garcia

    Fuji should make sure the factory is on a flood-free land. When I hear that construction of the factory has began I will buy a fuji digital camera to celebrate the occasion and will continue to patronise Fuji products.