Fuji has today unveiled its first camera with a 50x zoom, the FinePix SL1000.

The SL1000’s 24-1200mm focal length is effectively doubled to 2400mm when using the camera’s Intelligent Digital Zoom, according to Fuji.

The f/2.9-f/6.5 (17-element-in-12-groups) lens uses optical image stabilisation (lens-shift type) to help combat camera shake – equivalent to up to four stops, claims the firm.

The SL1000, which is due out this month, features a 16-million-pixel 1/2.3in BSI-CMOS imaging sensor and a maximum equivalent ISO of 12,800.

Trumpeted firepower includes an AF speed as fast as 0.2sec and top burst rate of 10 frames per second, at full resolution (up to nine frames).

An eye sensor enables the user to switch from using the 3in (tilting) LCD screen and the EVF, both of which carry a resolution of 920,000 dots.

Features also include a hotshoe for external flash, 1cm shooting in Super Macro mode, a raw file option and Full HD video.

A price had yet to be announced at the time of writing.

  • RobP

    Would like to know how the SL1000 compares to the HX300.

  • Dabs

    Can’t decide on the Fuji or the Canon 50X. Fuji is F2.9-5.6 where Canon is F3.5-5.6. I do mostly street people and wildlife, but also some low light photography. The Fuji has 920 res in the screens where Canon only has 420 or something like that?? Cannot decided. Both cameras seen very good. Which will be the better camera in the long run. Dabs

  • Dabs

    Compare it to the Canon 50x. tx. Dabs

  • Rohit

    As a use of Fuji bridge cameras, I welcome this highly specified camera. I look forward to more details and a price to purchase one for me. Fuji bridge cameras I have used have provided excellent images at almost all focal lengths.