Consumers are warned to beware of fake tripods after bogus Gorillapod products were seized at the photokina trade show in Germany last month.

A spokeswoman for DayMen International, UK distributor of

the genuine Joby-made Gorillapod, said: ‘Joby took decisive action against two

manufacturers of rip-off products.’

Joby staff say they confiscated imitation products and promotional

material from the booths of the ‘Far-East-based manufacturers’, in the presence

of photokina show organisers and security.

Joby claims that the fake tripods infringe its design patent and may not meet UK safety standards.

Loraine Morgan, senior marketing manager at Joby UK, added:

‘The quality of these products is poor and ultimately it is the consumer who

suffers when they buy a product that does not deliver the function and

reliability of a genuine Joby product.’

The firm warns consumers that ‘only genuine Joby products

carry the brand logo’, and to beware of ‘cheap imitations’.

The DayMen team say they are working closely with dealers to ensure only genuine Joby products are sold in the UK.

Picture above: The ‘fake’ tripods, seized at photokina in Cologne, Germany last month

Picture above: A genuine, Joby-made, Gorillapod

  • Roger

    I’m getting fed up of the labelling as “fake” of anything that is cheaper or competitive with branded products, especially when brands and logos are not used to mislead buyers. The items may well have infringed patents, but that sort of thing should be dealt with by unleashing the lawyers, not by the heavy-handed confiscation of goods that the “official importers” disapprove of.

    I’ve a gorrila-pod like device that I bought from a certain supermarket chain a couple of years ago, and I certainly have not had any of the concerns about “function or reliability” that the representative of Joby UK expressed in your report.

  • Mike Chopra-Gant

    I have had a fake gorillapod for a few years. It’s rubbish.