Epson has settled a two-year legal dispute with UK-based printer cartridge supplier Dynamic Cassette International (DCI) which had been accused of infringing Epson patents.

In a statement released today, Seiko Epson Corporation said it had reached an out-of-court settlement with DCI.

As part of the deal Epson said DCI ‘has ceased to manufacture new cartridges which are compatible with Epson printers’.

Epson Europe vice president Robert Clark added: ‘We invest heavily in research and development to ensure that our customers receive the best possible imaging results from our products.

‘As a business we are committed to protecting our investments, assets and our resulting products and technologies, the world over.’

A spokesman for DCI, which is based in Boston, Lincolnshire could not be reached for comment.

On its website, DCI describes itself as ‘Europe’s leading manufacturer of compatible and remanufactured inkjets and toners’.

The agreement was reached ahead of a trial due to begin in the High Court, said Epson.

Other terms of the settlement have not been released.

  • Jack Griffiths

    Epsom should acknowledge the individuals rights. Imagine a car manufacturers insisting you only used their tyres or the like. I suspect Epsom and already have will loose far more than they gain and already have!

  • Ron Woodman

    If you have ever had any involvement with the development and production of any new product, you will be aware of the blood sweat and tears that are involved with getting any product to market. To have someone come along and dissect your product, and relies, “that’s how to do it” then set up copy’s at a reduced cost is not on, and counter productive to the development of new products.
    The general public at large have no idea what is involved in making even simple everyday items.
    I am a retired toolmaker, and have been involved in the development and production of thousands of items throughout my working career.

  • Peter Caulfield

    Its a good job car manufactures don’t have their own brand petrol. Imagine paying £200 a litre, Epson sell their printers cheap then make huge profits on ink. I use third party inks in my Epson photo printer, this is my forth Epson printer in eleven years and I have always had blocked print heads using Epson inks, and used more ink on head cleaning than printing. I dont have this problem with the third party ink I have used for the past two years. I will stock up on cartridges. I can buy eight sets of six for the price of of one set of Epson.

  • Michael Hilton

    Hmm, it’s funny how the price of Epson cartridges for a printer goes up and up even when the R&D amortization is long-completed.

  • Canon hp Epson

    Ink is a lousy grasping cartel. The big three use their ill gotten gains to crush rival ink suppliers into submission. Using lawsuits that – irrespective of merit – terrorise firms with legal costs that would bankrupt them.

  • Paul Seligman

    This is a shame. As long as the compatible cartridges are not ‘passed off’ as Epson, what is the problem?

    I have an Epson printer. I don’t print photographs or documents that need to last for ever. I mostly print stuff I need to read, post or otherwise use once, then the paper is reused for scrap or recycled. Same as most private printer owners, and most material printed in the office.

    Even if Epson inks are superior, I don’t need to pay 3 or 4 times more than compatibles, most of which perform quite adequately for my needs, once I can persuade the printer to accept them – which can be a lot of work as Epson printers are programmed to reject other cartridges.

    Unlike every other printer manufacturer, Epson print cartridges cannot be recycled via the usual channels and cannot be refilled. The printer often forces you to insert a new cartridge even when the old one is still printing well. Perhaps it works on a notional number of pages.

    For all the above reasons, I would never consider buying another Epson printer.

  • Pee’d off Epson user

    Just paves the way for Epson to rip people off as usual

  • Mike Williams

    Nice for Epson, with the world’s most expensive ink that is “justified” because of the cost of R and D. If they rediced the price – and they certainly can – then more would use the product and the consumables, and prints would no longer languish on hard drives.

  • Chris Frankland

    I was dismayed to read that a superb company such as DCI and its excellent range of JetTec compatible inkjet cartridges have been bullied into submission by the corporate might of Epson. I long ago gave up using Epson printers because of their tyrannical attempts to control what paper and ink I used. And because Canon are a lot better and they are not obsessed with controlling what ink or paper I use. Why should I pay well over the odds for Epson ink when a set of cartridges costs more than a new printer and yet to me seems no better than the compatibles I have been happily using for the past two decades.

  • Mike Durrans

    So much for the free market our prats ( sorry politicians ) preach about. We’re stuck paying over the odds for Epson. I think I will scrap the printer and buy another make