Camera chain Jacobs has shut down seven shops, axed around a third of its staff and has received offers from potential buyers, a week after it called in administrators.

The Jacobs store on Cannon Street, London is among the 12 surviving outlets up for sale (picture credit: Alexis Clarke). Also shown is the empty aftermath of stock clearance at one of the seven Jacobs stores which closed earlier today

The family-run business, which was founded in 1939, has made 46 people redundant out of a total of

154 staff.

Shutting up shop are the stores in Birmingham,

Chelsea, Derby, Hull, Kingston-upon-Thames, Liverpool and Sheffield.

The closures represent more than a third of Jacob’s 19-store estate. 

Eddie Kerr, a partner at accountancy firm PKF who is acting as joint administrator, said: ‘We have taken the difficult decision to

close a number of Jacobs stores and make redundancies across the business.

‘These measures are painful for everyone involved but they

are essential if we are to have a reasonable prospect of finding a buyer for

the business as a going concern, although we recognise there are likely to be

more challenges ahead.’

Kerr added: ‘We have already had a number of expressions of

interest from potential acquirers and are in a position to begin negotiations.’

Among the shops to close is the Jacobs store in Hull, which

employs four staff in addition to a regional manager.

Earlier today, employees in Hull were told to collect their


Jacobs called in administrators amid unremitting

‘difficult trading conditions’, according to PKF.



 One of the seven Jacobs stores which closed earlier today

  • Jessop lover

    Got to blame the buyers for not getting better deals

  • Graham Lovis

    This is a real shame, as we need a good high street photo retailer and Jacobs are streets ahead of Jessops for the “serious” photographer. I have used the Leeds store and the staff there are enthusiastic knowledgeable and helpful (especially Emma!)Lets a hope a buyer can be found

  • Guy Fraser

    The day after going into administration I still decided to buy an EOS 5D3 with 24-105 lens and two other lenses from their Edinburgh branch. Why? Simple, we must support bricks and mortar stores that let us try before we buy. The goods still have manufacturer warranties so I’m still covered if things go wrong.
    If customers run screaming from a retailer at the first sign of trouble then the shop is guaranteed to fail. Look what happened with Northern Rock – people panic and run off ensuring the business will fall.

    Mr. Fraser,

  • John Hancock

    What a shame.Feel sorry for the staff who have always been very helpful when I have bought lenses and associated camera gear.Its not their fault that the manufactorers have doubled the price of lenses and cameras. I would like the new Cannon camera and the new Leica telescope but they cost more than a good secondhand car. I will not be buying for a long time unless the prices are more realistic.

  • Mike Steward

    For many years I was very happy to deal with Jacobs.
    Post 2004. My experiences with the business began to change the staff seemed to have not found the change to Digital easy and did not appear to have answers to my questions.The range of equipment was limited, probably due to the premises being to small.
    It was inevitable with the management structure in place that their present situation was inevitable.They will be missed,my hope is that a solution may be found where new leadership will restore their place in the history of photography.

  • R Mitchell

    a sad sad day i have dealt with them since the early 1950s

  • David W

    Are there any independent camera shops left? Jessops seem to have overwhelmed the high streets and I can’t think of any.

    My favorite from days gone by was HA Garret in Sutton, which closed in the late 90’s I think.

  • John Strain

    I am so sorry to hear that. Jacobs in Newcastle upon Tyne is an excellent camera shop with helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
    It may be a “chain” shop but it is like dealing with an independent dealer while having the benefit of economies of scale in purchasing in respect of stock and prices.
    I do hope that Jacobs can find a way of continuing and I have great sympathy for employees who have lost their jobs.

  • Naushad Samoon

    Camera Phones Killed AMT/PRO Photography Once a thriving business! Look at Facebook number of budding photographers using simple tools to provide great pleasure snaps of every day events?

  • jonny

    Is that a couple of cameras left on the counter?

  • d malcolm

    i lost my job today and blame all the customers who used the internet and kept wating price matching

  • Paul – London

    What sad news…

    not only from a business point of view but also for the people losing thier jobs…
    The Staff i have spoken to in Jacobs (Victoria & New Oxford St) have always been very helpful and know what they are talking about… unlike some other large camera shops in London…

    Maybe dealers and magazines etc.. need to put more across about buying grey import camera gear on the net..
    I guess we are all the same want the best deal but dont think where its coming from…

    any way.. i hope Jacobs find a buyer and the rest of thier employes keep thier jobs.