A couple have launched an appeal to find their precious wedding photos, after the memory stick on which they were stored went missing from the photographeru2019s wallet.

Jackie and Adam Sanderson told reporters they had allowed aspiring photographer Ben Fagan to take photos of their big day to ‘help him build up a portfolio of his work’.

‘There aren’t any hard copies – they were the only photos we had,’ Jackie Sanderson told thisiscornwall.co.uk.

The memory stick is believed to have gone astray at a pub in Lostwithiel.

The photographer said: ‘I’m absolutely devastated to have lost my best friends’ photos of the best day of their lives.

‘It’s on my mind constantly. I thought my wallet was the safest place to put it.’

  • John Nevill

    Be fair we all make mistakes as beginners (and even when more experienced too!). Hopefully, Mr Fagan has now learnt the importance of backing up and not taking clients’ work down the pub.

  • Toby Madrigal

    Why did not this ‘photographer’ simply leave the card in the camera? Why did not this’photographer have a friend/assistant with a back-up camera, also taking shots?

    People think I am a nutcase for covering weddings, occasionally, using film I’m a Nikon F. However, I have a young chap acting as my assistant with a second F taking duplicate shots as insurance. I’ve been shooting weddings since 84 and not a single complaint, certainly not the disaster that this is! Digital? You can keep it!

  • Ronnie

    When you think about it this throws up a lot of puzzling questions. What’s a ‘memory stick”? Was he using a Sony compact to shoot a wedding? And did he take the card out of the camera and put it in his wallet – why? Or were the photos copied onto the ‘memory stick’; in which case where are the original files?
    Did the couple really employ him for his benefit or because he was free? They could have hired a pro and let their friend snap away with his compact. It’s not only the photographer who should be embarrassed in this story. I sincerely wish them good luck in finding the missing photos.

  • Ivor Camera

    Wedding pictures or any other very important pictures should be back up and stored in a very safe place as soon as possible,the pictures had no right being in the pocket of the groom in a pub…..end of story