Watch our video test of the Fujifilm X-Pro1 firmware update v2.00

Fujifilm X-Pro1 firmware update v2.00 video test:

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The Fujifilm X-Pro1, with its exquisite retro look and feel, while at

the same time being unobtrusive with it’s tough, all-black finish, has

quickly found favour with street photographers and those with a penchant

for old-school reportage.

By definition, the X-Pro 1 is at home in low-light situations and in our original testing (AP 31 March) gave a good account of itself.

When Fuji announced a firmware update (version 2.00) encompassing autofocus operation, we were therefore keen to test it.

Our test involved a studio set with two X-Pro1 cameras, one upgraded and one not, identicallytrained on a subject. The shutters were depressed simultaneously and differences in the speed of focusing noted.

The test was carried out in bright and very dim illumination to ascertain any improvements in autofocus operation from the upgrade, particularly in low light.

Focusing in the upgraded version is noticeably quicker in low light.

  • Mike Tangier

    Thank you for this very clear and simple test. I have had the same experience after updating the firmware. Note also that I have turned Power Save off and that this makes a similarly significant difference.

  • Paul Scott Thomas

    Worth noting the x10 firmware 2.0 is also out. Really does sort out some focus lock and slowness issues I was having as well as adding quick menu on the raw button.