Newspapers are having to pay for publishing more than one official christening photograph of Prince George, under strict rules laid down by the agency releasing them, Amateur Photographer (AP) understands.

Picture credit: Copyright Jason Bell/Camera Press

‘It’s an utter disgrace this was allowed to happen and an even bigger one that Fleet Street allowed it to happen,’ claimed a well-placed industry source who asked not to be named.

The source added: ‘It’s not the money, it’s the principle.’

The portraits were captured at Clarence House by photographer Jason Bell immediately after Prince George’s baptism at St James’s Palace in London on Wednesday, and released yesterday by photo agency Camera Press.

Camera Press says that only one of the four official portraits is free to use, for a 24-hour period that began at 10 o’clock last night.

However, the agency is charging media at least ‘£150 a pop’ for access to the others, according to AP’s source.

The fee is designed to recoup some of the costs incurred in what Camera Press stresses was a ‘private shoot’, an agency representative told AP.

The fee came about following negotiations between the agency and Buckingham Palace.

‘So much for the Royal Rota,’ added the industry insider.

The Royal Rota allows a limited number of photographers and reporters to cover royal engagements – the idea being that they pass on pictures and copy to other local and national media.

It was set up under an agreement between the media and Buckingham Palace, to help avoid overcrowding at royal events.

Camera Press was founded in 1947.

NEWS UPDATE 6PM: AP has tonight been granted free use of the images by Camera Press, having earlier been told that this was not possible.

  • P Chadwick

    It’s nice to see pictures of the new Royal baby but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we didn’t. To my mind far too much press space is given over to the Royals and their not very interesting activities, when there are far more important things going on in the world which need far greater coverage.

  • ph

    I think its outrageous. I mean who do Camera Press think they are?! what kind of BUSINESS thinks it has the right to charge money for it’s products?!

    I mean its not like this is a professional company that deals with professional photographers that are trying to make a living in a difficult economic climate. But then AMATEUR photographer wouldn’t know anything about actually making a living from photography would they?! I suppose you think the staff at Camera Press and Jason Bell and his assistants all work for free do you?!

    Also, I am keen to learn when exactly AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER became part of the ROYAL ROTA…????!

  • Peter

    so the newspapers should pay a small fee of £150.. the photographer and the agency need to earn a living.