Adobe has just added popular image-editing software Lightroom 4 to its Creative Cloud hub, so subscribers can now fully access the image workflow application.

Winston Hendrickson, vice president Creative Media Solutions, states ‘The addition of Lightroom to Creative Cloud delivers on our promise to bring the best in Adobe innovation to Creative Cloud members,’ and adds ‘Over the next few months we’ll continue to add new products and services, keeping Creative Cloud members up to date with the latest advancements in Adobe software and services.’

Adobe Creative Cloud allows users to have full access to all Adobe applications for a membership fee of £57.17 (+vat) per month. Other package deals are available – see for further details.

  • Sean Dunn

    Why no comment from amateur photographer about the disparity between US and UK prices?

    Considering that, with almost no exceptions, amateur photographer’s tutorials exclusively cover Adobe’s range of products, it would seem unlikely that the market will ever correct the price disparity.

    Who’s interests does Amateur Photographer actually represent?

  • john

    Ripoff Price As Lightroom 4 Is £99-00p.
    £ 57-17p + vat Over £600 A Y.