Would you ever buy a camera with an EVF? Take part and vote on this week's poll

This week we ask – Would you ever buy a camera with an EVF?  Take part and vote

 camera with an EVF

Leica Q – a camera with an EVF



  • wiggiatlarge .

    Purchased a Panasonic GX 7 to go alongside my Canon DSLR, although I tried it out before purchase and was impressed with the EVF in real life less so, tearing is evident and in bright light it is not anywhere near as good as an optical viewfinder.
    I did have the opportunity to use it at night and it was a revelation but that was a one off and is not worth buying for a situation that rarely arises.
    No doubt they will improve even further but at the moment for me there are to many downsides.

  • PC1512

    I spent years being convinced that EVFs were awful, could never substitute for optical finders, and therefore DSLRs would be with us forever. Just recently I acquired an X-E1 – which doesn’t even have that great an EVF by current standards – and am now completely eating my words. There’s an occasional smidge of lag and stutter in low light, which the X-E2 fixes, but the rest of the time I barely know its not optical, the image is so natural, and the advantages of a 100% view and ability to use menus etc without taking the camera away from your eye are just far in advance of most DSLRs.

    I now realise DSLRs truly are doomed – the one big advantage they had is now irrelevant. It might take another year or two for mirrorless cameras to perfect their AF speed to match the best DSLR, but then that will be it – game over for the pentaprism (or in most cases these days, dim and dismal pentamirror).

  • Dave France

    Thank You Angela.

  • G Taylor

    No, you were wrong, but as an American, you would be use to that. Now, that was polemical.

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    Rhetorical? I thought it was polemical, but then again I don’t

    speak Polish either.

  • G Taylor

    It’s rhetorical.

  • G&T

    The Olympus OMD EM1 has a fantastic EVF, it is large, clear, and displays numerous items of information. They are the future, mirrorless small sensor cameras are the future, they offer a fabulous compromise of size and quality that will improve to a point where full frame cameras are obsolete in most cases.

  • winger.steve

    I wouldn’t buy any camera without either a Optical or Electronic viewfinder.

  • Sturgeon’s Law


    Wait . . . what?

  • G Taylor

    You obviously also think American…..never mind.

  • Sturgeon’s Law

    I still don’t understand. I speak American, not English.

  • Angela Miles

    It means Electronic View Finder

  • Dave France

    Clearly I do not need EVF on my next camera as I have no idea what it is and that has not been explained in this article..