• Emma Connolly

    Only if I’m there. I leant my Fuji finepix s3pro to my friend so she could take informal shots of our wedding. It was fine as I was on board to help, but I wouldn’t let anyone take it out of my sight.

  • R. S. Y. Buchanan

    I’ve leant camera gear to friends who are fellow photographers whom I know well, and whom I trust. The ‘friends’ who just want to borrow a nice camera to hold at arms length in live mode while taking holiday snaps can ask someone else.

  • entoman

    Cameras are to expensive to risk lending to anyone. I loaned a Canon 6D body to a freind when his own camera broke. When I got it back a week later it still worked fine, but had scratches and scuff marks on the monitor and paintwork. Never again!

  • Andrew W

    I might be prepared to lend it to a few people. But I’m not sure I’d let it out of my sight when I did.