• Definitely, I am only focusing on the image quality/technical properties here. Art is subjective and tastes are different. It’s way funnier to bash a disposable camera and put it through all kinds of ordeals, than setting up a DSLR on a tripod, enabling mirror lock up, focusing in live view, bracketing shots in preparation of your long night manually merging layers in photoshop…

  • Andrew Beasley

    Depends how you define crap. Someone somewhere will dislike any art form (I do not like cubism for example) but lofi for me is fun. Old / out of date film, sometimes a disposable camera or naff plastic lens gives me a picture I like and want to keep so I’m happy and that’s MY definition of a ‘decent shot’ Would I sell them to a client? No but then again I do not make a living out of photography.

  • Spending money to get some crap looking images is something I don’t really understand. Unless you are broke or cannot be bothered to learn how to capture decent shots I do not really see the point.