• entoman

    I entirely agree, but unfortunately you can’t ban something that has already sold tens of thousands, many now in the hands of highly irresponsible owners. We warned, but no one listened, and now it’s too late.

    I believe that in the USA there is now legislation to make owners register their drones so they can be traced and held accountable for hostile or dangerous usage, but the law came too late and is unenforceable. The culprits will only be caught AFTER the incident, and ONLY if they registered the device.

    Furthermore you can bet your life that the law courts will be so soft that even a multiple-death incident will result in little more than confiscation and a probation order.

  • RegorAgarb

    Drones – Having retired from the aviation business and having experience in the RAF and Civil Aviation since 1963, I strongly feel that ‘Fun drones’ should be banned internationally as they do present a danger to all forms of military and civil aviation. If allowed to grow unchecked, there WILL come a day when an aircraft will be brought down, possibly with great loss of life, and all for the sake of a few temporary thrills.