Each week we choose our favourite picture on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Instagram or the reader gallery using #appicoftheweek

Online Picture of the Week

Each week we choose our favourite picture on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter,  Instagram or the reader gallery using #appicoftheweek. PermaJet proudly supports the online picture of the week winner, who will receive a top-quality print of their image on the finest PermaJet paper. It is important to bring images to life outside the digital sphere, so we encourage everyone to get printing today! Visit www.permajet.com to learn more.Online Picture of the week









Emotion by Stuart Walker

Canon EOS 80D, 100mm, 1/125sec at f/8, ISO 5000

This image was uploaded to our Twitter stream. ‘I’m local to the English Heritage Audley End House in Essex,’ says Stuart. ‘There’s a small stable there, and this was one of only two horses in the stable. This horse just stood still, looking head-on.


Emotion by Stuart Walker

Emotion by Stuart Walker

‘As I’m a keen macro photographer I tend to have my 100mm macro lens on my camera and I managed to take the shot through the wooden bars of the stall at head height.

‘As I like to keep my shutter speed quicker than the focal length of the lens, I had already set up my Canon EOS 80D to achieve this. I also like to underexpose a fraction, so the downside is the ISO crept up to 5,000 (metered on the dark area of eye). This was the result.’


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  • Rick Bogan

    Really, this is your pick for “Picture of the week”? I find it a rather mundane and boring photo.