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Letter of the Week

Letter of the week – 18 April 2015

Healing Powers

I was very moved to read about the part photography played in Andrew Fusek Peters’ recovery from clinical depression (Reader Portfolio AP 4 April). This is not the first time that AP has featured people who have been helped out of a medical condition by photography, and I commend you for bringing such occurrences to our notice.

There are two ways in which the publication of such material can help people. First, of course, Andrew must be very pleased to see his excellent images in print – I particularly like the portraits of the buzzard and the ptarmigan. I also admire his courage and candour in broadcasting his story in this way.

Second, by publishing such accounts, AP is visibly giving hope to other sufferers, whatever their complaints, by highlighting the therapeutic effects that photography can have. Well done, AP! Adrian Lewis, Bristol

Whether it is something as simple as escaping everyday stress, or something far more profound, photography can be a great healer, both physically and mentally Richard Sibley, Deputy Editor

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