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Letter of the Week

Letter of the week – 26 March 2016

Credit where it’s due

The maxim ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is obviously a thing of the past. Take, for instance, the wonderful photograph used in many national newspapers recently of the Flying Scotsman on its inaugural run from London’s King’s Cross to York, in celebration of the locomotive’s ten-year £4.2million refit.

There were thousands of photographers, both professionals and amateurs, on the 200-mile journey, including myself who was at Colton, near York. Yet, in my opinion, only one image captured the true majesty of the locomotive on its historic journey, which was a perfect photograph in every way. Given the column inches devoted to the photograph in the media, you might have thought the photographer would have been acclaimed for his skill. Wrong. I had to read his name using a magnifying glass as it was barely readable. His name is STEPHEN DANIELS and I type it in capitals so that your photography-loving readers do not have to resort to a magnifier as I did.

Flying Scotsman

This image of the flying Scotsman at King’s Cross was taken by AP’s Michael Topham


For all of us who tried to capture it with our own cameras, it was a really difficult challenge, with no rehearsals and perhaps a one-second window to get the shot.

Why is there such little regard and respect for photography and photographers in our newspapers these days? The maxim must have changed to ‘a picture is worth a word’.

Dr Keith Massey, North YorkshireDr Keith Massey, North Yorkshire

We always credit a photograph whenever we possibly can. Are our credits big enough, or should we change them?  – Richard Sibley, Deputy Editor

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