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Letter of the Week

Letter of the Week

Letter of the Week – 21 May 2016

Affordable format?

I read Damien Demolder’s article on the PhaseOne XF (AP 9 April 2016) with great interest. I’ve always wanted to shoot medium format, but as the XF is six times the price of my car I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford it. At a recent photography show I tried the Pentax 645, which is gorgeous, but also out of my price range. I remember in AP’s review the person who tested the camera said it slows you down. That fascinates me and I wish there were an affordable way into medium-format digital photography.

The Phase One XF, letter of week

The Phase One XF


As much as I would love to shoot film to learn medium format, I don’t have the space or funds to develop film at home or to be continually paying out for film and developing. Is there any way digital medium format is available at a cheaper, or at least affordable rate, or is the tech so dated it’s not worth using it when compared to the price of a used Nikon D800 or similar?

Ian Fakenbridge, via email

Digital medium format is not mainstream, making second-hand kit scarce and expensive. A back alone, with no camera body or lenses, will cost more than a used Nikon D800. All but the most recent medium-format backs also use CCD sensors that give poor image quality at high ISO, especially compared to modern full-frame DSLRs like the D800. They mostly have significant crop factors compared to the 645 film format, meaning wideangle lenses are no longer really wide.

While the best medium-format cameras and backs offer breathtaking image quality, full-frame cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony give exceptional image quality and are more practical to useAndy Westlake, Technical editor


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