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Letter of the week – 29 August 2015

Snap Reality

I empathise fully with Andrew Henning’s letter about following his dream of photography (AP 1 August). When I left school in 1976 I wanted to be a photographer with British Rail. However, for reasons that escape me now, I didn’t follow it through, taking instead an apprenticeship in sawmilling – my parents thought highly of apprenticeships.

An attempted job move in 1981 to set up and run a sawmill in North Carolina involved my first flight to the USA, three hours in immigration and a return to UK on the same aircraft, all due to my work permit not having been properly sorted. That hassle did, however, give me the time to re-assess what I really wanted to do: follow my heart into photography.

A six-week ‘walkabout’ in 1982 photographing the steam trains of India and Pakistan sealed that dream. Later that year I embarked on a self-financed (by part-time work and odd jobs) City & Guilds course in general photography. Upon its completion two years later, I landed a government-funded one-year Manpower Services Commission post in Lewes Museum, East Sussex, as general photographer. A year later I secured a job as an assistant ina London museum, taking objects to the studios to be photographed. I then transferred into the photography department where I’ve been ever since. I took the opportunity, while working, to do a four-year part-time degree in photography at the Poly of Central London that I successfully completed in 1995.

Unlike Andrew Henning, I’ve probably earned less money through this career than, say, finance, but it’s been a great ride so far and my love of photography continues. I still enjoy AP every week, which a colleague passes on to me. One year ago we moved into a brand-new purpose-built studio suite and on a day-to-day basis we use Phase One backs on Sinar 5x4s alongside Hasselblads and Nikons. It’s good varied work and each day brings challenges undreamed of: amazing objects, visiting VIPs and foreign travel. Maybe Mr Henning might like to pay us a visit? – Dudley Hubbard, Surrey

What a wonderful story and a great example of how you don’t always end up doing the job that you train to do  – Richard Sibley, Deputy Editor

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