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Letter of the Week

Letter of the week – 30 May 2015

On Deaf Ears

I enjoyed Callum McInerney-Riley’s piece on photographing a rock gig with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II (Rock ’n’ roll star, AP 9 May).

However, there was something missing from his kit bag – a set of good-quality earplugs. I recently went to photograph my son’s AC/DC tribute band in a local pub. I’m no rock fan and was left feeling that when the world ends it won’t make half as much noise as I heard that night, but thankfully the post–gig ringing in my ears has at last ceased.

Earplus are vital pieces of kit for gig photographers. ©Adam Irving

Earplugs are vital pieces of kit for gig photographers. ©Adam Irving

My son loved my photos and wants me to take more. I’ve agreed, but wouldn’t dream of doing so without adequate ear protection. My plea for my son’s band to follow suit fell on what aren’t-yet-deaf ears, but I fear one day will be. Anyone working in a noisy environment requires ear protection. Earplugs for photographers who shoot gig pictures are every bit as important as their camera. Adam Irving, Tyne and Wear

As a photographer I always wear earplugs when photographing gigs, but when I was in a band I hated the things. I guess as I was trying to concentrate on the music, I didn’t notice how loud it was. Your son should heed your advice – my hearing definitely deteriorated as a result of standing next to a bass amp and a drummer, and that wasn’t half as loud as when standing in front of the stage. Photographers take note – Richard Sibley, Deputy Editor

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