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Letter of the week – 21 February 2015

Personal Protection Plan?

Remember hypo? No, not sodium hyposulphite, but hypothermia! Thank you, Terry Armstrong (Inbox, AP 17 January), for drawing our attention to a basic aspect of our hobby that doesn’t get enough attention. If you were as cold as you say, Terry, then perhaps it’s time to rethink your equipment – and I don’t mean the photographic kind.

Taking photographs can involve long periods of keeping still and waiting – for the light to change or the swans to pose decorously, for example – so make sure you are adequately clothed and protected. Don’t compare it to posing in your shirtsleeves in a shopping centre for a few minutes before ducking into the next pub to warm up. Please don’t let Terry’s comments put you off visiting Cumbria, but be aware that our mountain-rescue teams are sick of recovering folk suffering the effects of hypothermia – and that’s just in the summer!

Of course, don’t only save your personal protection plans for the Antarctic or the Lake District. A simple slip or trip in your local park or down by the canal could tumble you into the shrubbery for the night until the rescuers find you. Dedicating a jacket pocket or belt bag to a little first-aid kit, spare gloves and beanie, a space blanket, an LED torch and a whistle could save your life. As we were taught in the Scouts: ‘Be Prepared’.

I, too, wonder what the heroic photographers Hurley and Ponting would think. I reckon they would have wondered why someone would invest so much in photographic equipment and experience, and then fail to ensure that they are in a fit state to use it to best effect. Roger Christie, Cumbria

Agreed! Weather can change quickly, and packing some basics such as a hat, gloves and a waterproof smock could make a lot of difference. I also try to keep a beach towel and sleeping bag in the car if I head off somewhere a little off the beaten trackRichard Sibley, Deputy Editor


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