Dynamic Range Supplement

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14 September 2013 – Dynamic Range

What the camera sees
How light is captured by a camera’s sensor and what effect dynamic range has on the tones displayed

Working with your camera’s dynamic range

Once you understand what dynamic range is, it is important to know your camera’s capabilities and then use this knowledge to capture as much detail as possible

Dynamic range and exposure
When faced with a high-contrast scene, understanding your camera’s dynamic range enables you to adjust the metering to capture as many tones as possible

AP’s dynamic range test

AP’s testing regime for comparing dynamic ranges is changing. We explain how the new one will work

How to tackle high contrast

There are a number of ways to deal with a high-contrast scene. We look at the various methods for producing the best possible image

Professor Newman explains… dynamic range

Professor Bob Newman explains the meaning of dynamic range and reveals how it works

In-camera dynamic range optimisation

Most modern digital cameras feature modes that deal with dynamic range. We look at what they are and how they work

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