Can this new upstart dislodge the reigning champion of the travel compacts? We investigate

  • arthur alexandre

    et il n’y a aucune comparaison réelle de la qualité des photos avec ces 2 compacts !! c’est quand même le plus important !!

  • MacReady

    This assumes a lot. The technology used has far more influence on noise at an image level (not to be confused with noise at pixel level), than pixel density.

    So it could still well be that the 18MP sensor peforms better in low light at an image level. See the original 1 inch 20MP RX100 sensor vs the Nikon 1 series at the time, which had half the pixels, but about double the noise (up to a stop difference).

  • Stephen Cornish

    How long until a full review??

  • J Morgan

    Don’t forget the TZ70 having less megapixels and the faster aperture both equate to it performing better in low light than the Sony. Less pixels means each pixel being bigger on the same size sensor. Look at Nikon’s D4S – only 16mp on a full frame sensor for an example.

    The Sony is the smaller more up to date camera, but low light performance and raw will be the reasons for sticking with the Panasonic, plus the 5 year warranty they are currently offering.

    I’d go for the Sony if the selfie screen is important. GPS was removed because it eats battery life and is barely ever used. If I’m in Spain taking pictures, I think I know I took them in Spain, why would I need to tag them? NFC is more useful.

  • EvolvedApe

    I used to love the Panasonic’s TZ series, but dropping the GPS just crossed them off my shopping list for this year.

    Making a travel camera without GPS nowadays is just stupid.

    Goodbye, TZ!

    Hello, HX90V!

  • Steve

    My TZ70 was the poorest indoor focuser I ever had. And I’ve had dozens of good cameras indoors. Most indoor TZ70s were OOF. Maybe a bad copy.

  • David Thompson

    I found the touch screen on my TZ40 a nuisance. it could easily switch itself on and then I would have umpteen pictures of stuff that I didn’t want until I spotted it. I am going to upgrade to the TZ70 and this will be a bonus, Panasonic may have dropped out of the megapixel race, but it apparently gives it better low light handling which should be a bonus. The GPS was very slow and used a lot of battery life, so I won’t miss that either ! Looking forward to manual focus because at the far end of the telephoto range focusing can be tricky.