How to add an album to the AP gallery

- Login to the gallery. If you are not already a member, sign up here

- Click on Gallery to take you back to the gallery page

- Go to – My Albums

- Select ‘Create a New Album’

- Give the album a name and description of contents and choose if you want the album to be private or viewable by anyone. Press ‘Create a New Album’

- Select ‘upload photos’

- On the image upload page select your album where it says ‘or if you would prefer to upload to one of your albums, select one here.

- Press ‘Browse’ and find the image on your computer you wish to upload

- Give your image a name a descriptions an add keywords if you like.

- Press upload/submit

- Your image will appear

- To add another image press ‘upload photos’ again

If you have any issues email

  • the image den

    And how do I add to an album a picture I uploaded to the main gallery?