Top tips for photographing snow - Use a zoom lens

Follow these top tips for photographing snow to make the most out of the current bad weather.

Winter trees Craig Roberts

Photographing Snow - Use a zoom lens

Zoom lenses are an ideal choice for photographing snow in these conditions, as you don't want to keep changing lenses in the cold.

A couple 
of zooms are perfect, so you have one 
to cover wide-to-standard focal lengths 
for overall scenes, and a mid-to-long telephoto for isolating details.

If you have 
an ultra-zoom lens, covering focal lengths from very wide to long telephoto, you won't have to change lenses at all and be ready 
for all situations.

Photographing Snow - Shield your lens

A blue sky and bright sunshine are the perfect combination to make the most of fresh snow.

Watch out for the sun, though, which will be much lower in the sky at this time of year and can lead to flare. To avoid this, use a lens hood at all times or shield the lens with your hand when taking a picture.

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