How do I kill and/or remove fungus from a lens?

Fungoid growth derives from spores often brought to life by warmth and humidity.

Dismantling and cleaning is the only certain way to get rid of fungus, although even then it is impossible to guarantee that certain elusive spores won?t cause a relapse.

Cold may slow the spread, but it won?t kill the spores, and warmth above a certain ? unknown ? temperature might kill them off but runs the risk of decentring or otherwise damaging the lens permanently.

Ideally, to avoid fungus infestation, lenses should be stored carefully in dry conditions, with a packet of silica desiccant gel for company to remove moisture from the atmosphere around them.

If you decide to dismantle your lens, Optical Instruments (Balham) Ltd should be able to help. You can contact them at Unit 39, Neville Court, 27-43 Neville Road, Croydon CR0 2DS. Call 0208 664 9799 or visit

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