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Zukio 7-14mm zoom review ...

Discussion in 'AP Magazine Feedback & Suggestions' started by Footloose, Jun 24, 2015.

  1. Footloose

    Footloose Well-Known Member

    I've just been reading the review for this lens, and seem to get the impression that this is less extensive than that carried out on Olly's original 4/3rds lens, unless this is down to the way this information is displayed nowadays. However I am digressing a bit, because what I am hoping we will see soon, is a group test involving the 'Old' 7-14mm, Panasonic's version and the new Zukio f2.8 7-14mm zoom. Since AP have indeed tested all three of these separately, and I can never remember seeing any of these lenses being included when 'group' tests are done, even though Olympus's less wide zoom was included in some 'Group' tests, one has to wonder why, this lens was NOT also included. I'd like to know, if at the f-stops where these lenses do all match, how they compare.

    By the way, if getting hold of the 4/3rds version is a problem, (and the 4/3rds to m4/3rds adaptor) I would happily supply you with one, so it's no use using that excuse!
  2. Sejanus.Aelianus

    Sejanus.Aelianus In the Stop Bath

    Probably thanks to the launch, the 9~18 is now £362 at Amazon, less the £120 cash back.

    I got mine yesterday and it seems like a goody. I can't quite believe that I'll get the cashback, 'cause Amazon's price is already £100 less than Ffordes or Park, so I'll just contain myself in patience and play with the new toy...

    :D :D :D

  3. Footloose

    Footloose Well-Known Member

    I'm sure you'll get a lot of fun from using that; my only disappointment with the original 4/3rds version, is how darn big and heavy this is when mounted via the adaptor, on an Olly m4/3rds body!
  4. Malcolm_Stewart

    Malcolm_Stewart Well-Known Member

    To help the bots, surely it's an

    Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 7-14mm 1:2.8 PRO

    under test?
  5. Andy Westlake

    Andy Westlake AP Staff

    This is actually a type of test we get a lot of requests for (essentially answering the question 'is it worth me buying this new lens?' rather than simply 'what's it like?') and we would really quite like to start doing them. But it's rather time-consuming, and difficult to schedule in when we have a stream of new cameras and lenses coming in for testing at the moment.

    By the way, our online version of the review has a bit more information, and crucially more image samples, than the magazine one. You can read it here:


    The testing system we use has changed since the Four Thirds lens was reviewed (as indeed has the philosophy behind how lenses are designed, given that integrating software correction into the system can now give better rests than using optical correction alone). But hopefully our tests should still give useful information about the lens's properties in practical use.

    Andy Westlake
    Technical Editor, Amateur Photographer

  6. Footloose

    Footloose Well-Known Member

    Thanks Andy, I hadn't occurred to me to look at the online version!

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