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Your four wheeled friend

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by lfc1892, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. lfc1892

    lfc1892 Well-Known Member

    Rubberneckers. Good grief. Nasty accident on the m6 north this morning. Huge queues on the other side caused solely by rubberneckers. Infuriating, and a sad reflection on human nature.
  2. Ffolrord

    Ffolrord Well-Known Member

    Yes, there is a huge clampdown on speeding and drink driving. Radar traps are set in the sneakiest places, behind the hedge and just round the corner from where the speed limit changes from 90 to 70kph for example. And it's working. Also there are breathalysing campaigns too - even in our tiny village they will set up just after lunch has finished and check everyone who comes through - they have confiscated a fair number of licences too.

    However, I wish they would clampdown on the infernal tailgating which is absolute madness and the cause of many shunts and also on cutting corners, you will often find someone hurtling towards you on your side of the country road.

    The breath self test kit was a regulatory fiasco typical of many here. The latest position is that it is compulsory to have a kit in the car but there is no penalty for not having one. I haven't got one.
  3. hobbit1066

    hobbit1066 Well-Known Member

    well my Laguna has been transplaneted with an Accord Coupe, and i scared myself stupid with it, 40 -100 in a blink of an eye specially when it kicked down 2 cogs and lit up the VTEC, was like being in the bloody Millenium Falcon going into hyperspace, all i can say is thank god for HUGE brakes and no traffic, at least i know i have proper overtaking power now.
  4. daft_biker

    daft_biker Action Man!

    One with a 2.2 and LSD? Happy new toy! :)
  5. hobbit1066

    hobbit1066 Well-Known Member

    not quite :D its a little bit bigger and 2 more pots whoop :D, but i know the Type R is quicker specially as it doesnt have the auto fitted which is standard fare on mine, great for my left shoulder and elbow :D
  6. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

    Phew! Just got back from taking the Dreadnought over Hardknott and Wrynose passes. Now that was an experience!

    With something like a Caterham, it would have been great fun. With a long, wide and underpowered 1.4 Berlingo, it's a bit of a bum clencher. we came to a halt on one hairpin because of a wet patch on the road and every time I hit it, the wheel just span. In the end I backed into a passing place (at which point the world and their wife came the other way and had to be waited for!) and, once someone who'd waited patiently behind us had been waved through, we had another go and it was fine, no more stops. Doing it way back when with a horse and cart, with an iron shoe on the road to brake the cart... we have it easy these days!

    By the way, if anyone is ever that way, visit Eskdale Mill (behind the Boot Inn). Staggering - it's straight out of a century ago, no sanitised museum piece, it's the real thing.

  7. DaveS

    DaveS Well-Known Member

    My memory of the Wrynose Pass is having to pull over quickly coming down to let a van through coming up. There was a loud bang followed by the stearing going lumpy. I'd blown out the front NS tyre. Eventually I found a spot (Near the little bridge) where the gradient was only about 1 in 10. I was able to change the wheel (For a space saver, urgh), chocked all the other wheels with rocks found by the road, and I've never changed a wheel so fast in all my life. Coming the rest of the way down on a space-saver was...interesting...shall we say. Very glad to get on to normal roads again.
  8. hobbit1066

    hobbit1066 Well-Known Member

    sounds like a solo blast on the 2 wheeled terror for this one then :D
  9. Sejanus.Aelianus

    Sejanus.Aelianus In the Stop Bath

    April is now a good month to change.

    I've swapped my Hyundai i10 for its big brother, the i30. Courtesy of the Great March Rush, the dealers were delighted for me to take their demonstrator off their hands at two thirds of the list price. They gave me a fair part exchange on the i10 as well. It's the top of the range model, with all the gubbins, including four and a half years remaining on the warranty...

    Ever so nice to drive!

    :D :D :D

  10. NM85

    NM85 Active Member

    My 4 wheeled baby, Belle.


    She just needs her wheels refurbed :(
  11. daft_biker

    daft_biker Action Man!

    Aye, sounds almost as much fun as a wee trail I found yesterday.

    It was only a wee 30 second(ish) section but at about 5 seconds in I went head first into a tree, about 5 seconds after getting back on the bike I went over the bars and then about 5 seconds after I got on the bike again I went sliding down a hill sideways. The last 15 seconds I managed to stay on for.

    I'll nail it next time....or possibly the time after that.....or....... ;) :)
  12. lfc1892

    lfc1892 Well-Known Member

  13. AndyTake2

    AndyTake2 Well-Known Member

    Tried that in the Fiat 500 900cc Twin Air.

    Sometimes those small engines seem a good idea.
    Other times........
  14. 0lybacker

    0lybacker In the Stop Bath

    Hi Senator, Is that the instructor with his head in his hand, hand covering the eyes? Cheers, Oly
  15. Sangetsu

    Sangetsu Member

    6.0 litre, 6 speed manual transmission, 8 cylinders, 400hp, Clarkson loved it, though this one is LHD.

  16. Olderbutnotwiser

    Olderbutnotwiser Well-Known Member

    Blimey! Look at the size of that parking space!!
  17. lfc1892

    lfc1892 Well-Known Member

  18. PhotoEcosse

    PhotoEcosse Well-Known Member

    I am not going to wear out pixels by scrolling back through 17 pages of responses to the original question.

    But, if no-one has already said it, I do love my wheely bins.

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