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Yet more on club judges.

Discussion in 'Talking Pictures' started by MickLL, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. MickLL

    MickLL Well-Known Member

    It was a DPI. The shutter speed was 1/10th so I suppose it could be movement but I think not (damsels don't blink and AFAIK don't have mobile eyeballs). I'm convinced that it's DoF.

  2. De88ie

    De88ie Active Member

    Went to the club in our village when I first got my camera. Total novice as I was going from a point and shoot.
    They were showing their fantastic photos on a slideshow and discussing processing techniques. I kept quiet.
    Downstairs in the pub for drinks afterwards I mentioned to a few members that I was a total beginner needing help. No one offered any, I never went back.
    The head of the group, whom I found out later was judge for the club and at exhibitions, managed to tell me about the yearly fee though.

    3 years later I find this forum and i have had nothing but help. Wish I had found you first.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2015
  3. MickLL

    MickLL Well-Known Member

    Sorry to resurrect this but last night I had a completely different experience.

    I visited a club in Liverpool at one of their competition nights. The judge was truly awful. It wasn't so much his marking (nobody seemed to complain about it anyway) it was the fact that he simply briefly described the picture then awarded a mark.

    No helpful comments, no advice, nothing at all. If anyone learned anything other than his preferences I'd be amazed.

    If this is the sort of judge some of you complain about then I now understand you very much better. If he had been at my own club I'm very certain that a negative report would already be on its way to the federation.

  4. dangie

    dangie Senior Knobhead

    It's my job to book the judges for our clubs competitions. I am currently booking them for 2015/16.

    My Photographic Federation Handbook lists all the judges in our region. From that I have a list of about twenty judges in my area to choose from. Out of this list there are about half a dozen who we book every year, simply because they are the ones who can be bothered to reply to my (and my predecessors) email requests. The rest either take eons to reply or just don't bother replying at all.

    I guess other clubs have the same problem booking judges as the same names crop up on their programme. They are the only judges they can get hold of as well. I have no problem with a judge if they can't do a date, I can then move onto asking someone else. But when they ignore your request it gets very difficult.
  5. Jimbo57

    Jimbo57 Well-Known Member

    A wee word of advice - never try to book judges by e-mail. Always telephone them.

    I am not making excuses for the rudeness of those who fail to answer e-mails but I know that some do, almost on principle.

    But, principles aside, telephone is a much more courteous approach on the part of the club's competition secretary and has several decided advantages.

    Firstly, by phoning, you immediately establish a personal relationship with the judge; something that is impossible by e-mail. Secondly, he can't ignore you. Thirdly, if he is not available on the date you want, you can immediately discuss alternatives, rather than getting involved in a chain of e-mails. Fourthly, the judge can establish with you some of the details that vary from club to club, such as scoring system, delivery of prints and CDs, expenses payments, etc.

    Then, once you have finalised the arrangements on the phone, send an e-mail to confirm.
  6. Phil Kirk

    Phil Kirk Well-Known Member

    Sometimes people think the wings are oof when in fact it is simply that with damselfies you are looking at 4 layers of wing venation and they can look a bit muddled. As far as I can tell the abdomen and wings are really sharp. Sadly, if the front eye is oof then the whole thing is let down. If it had been the other eye it would have mattered less.
  7. dangie

    dangie Senior Knobhead

    Thank you for that. Will do.

    The reasons I haven't phoned are that in the daytime they could be working, and in the evening they could be judging. All the judges list their email addresses in the federation handbook so I naturally assumed that would be a reasonable method to contact them.
  8. art

    art Well-Known Member

    I understand some people don't like email, in which case why offer an email address in the first place?!
  9. Jimbo57

    Jimbo57 Well-Known Member

    I'm still not making excuses, but in this case it is because the list is compiled from the PAGB contact details.
  10. art

    art Well-Known Member

    Fair enough, though I was thinking about the judge in question. Why did they even offer PAGB an email address in the first place - or is it a requirement to have one?
  11. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    This thread has reminded me why I've never been in slightest way inclined to join a photography club.

    As for the remarks made by some judges as "jokes" had they been funny they could have got away with it but as they lacked that single, vital aspect they just came across as arrogant pillocks.

    Oh well, each to their own I suppose.
  12. MickLL

    MickLL Well-Known Member

    Your first sentence makes me wonder if you have ever attended a club competition. Have you? If so how many?

    Just out of interest you understand.

  13. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    Yes I have Mick. I've also seen the work of all of my local clubs, both here and when I lived down south, and spoken to many club members over the years, hence my original comment.

    I've also attended an RPS assessment/judging session at the very last Focus a couple of years ago. I was completely underwhelmed by the quality of the images and the opinions of the judges. I found them both equally uninspiring.
  14. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    Some people are Club People - some are not

    Some read the Guardian - most do not
  15. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    But I would like to find a club/group of photographers to talk about photography, draw inspiration from, brainstorm with. Alas, it seems that photography clubs, both real world and online, are run to attract, or simply attract, the keen amateur as opposed to the more artistic or creative of the medium. Nothing wrong with being a keen amateur of course but the lack of variety is frustration. After all, it's not as The Guarniad is the only paper available.
  16. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    I find a friendly cafe is the best bet. Either the Arts Centre one, where one has a feeling of legitimacy being there, chatting about art - that's Art, not our 'art'! Alternatively, if still open, the Thai cafe attached to the Student accommodation block has the nicest, most relaxed ambience! :) See you there?
  17. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    No, I want more purposeful events and discussion than just random chats.
  18. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    Sweeping assumption!
  19. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    Not really. Say I want to meet and discuss the use of high speed synch flash in challenging environments or different ways of using frequency separation in retouching (which a couple of the areas of photography I like to explore.) Just how likely are you to find someone who knows about these subjects in a local cafe?
  20. Catriona

    Catriona Well-Known Member

    I did mean with like-minded people! Never mind.

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