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WIN Europe's top professional camera

Discussion in 'Weekly Poll' started by Damien_Demolder, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. huwevans

    huwevans Not Really Here

    You could still sell it and buy a bag full of Pentax gear, if that's what you wanted - you'd be quids in whatever make the prize turned out to be.
  2. Clodhopper

    Clodhopper Well-Known Member

    Very tricky to do this in the time... Total lack of ideas here!

    If they are really bothered about global warming maybe they should have made a rule that the photos have to be taken within walking or cycling distance of your home! No carbon footprints allowed :D May the fittest person win (certainly wouldn't be me!) :D

    I'm really struggling to think of anything ! Not many polar bears floating off on fragments of ice here :(
    I did take some pics of skinny cows on the marshes today but I don't think anyone would get the link with global warming, even though there is one (allegedly)...

  3. Bettina

    Bettina Well-Known Member

    Same here. Absolutely no idea. And it's bitterly cold out there which is not going to help. Haven't seen the yellow ball in the sky for a long time.
  4. Maui888

    Maui888 Well-Known Member

    Sorry Bettina, was feeling depressed, borrowed it and haven't put it back yet. Give us another hour... quite nice and toasty down here now ;-)

    Doesn't global warming mean we get more extremes in weather.. so piccies of freezin' weather and storms equally applicable? I think GW will/is starting to pervade many aspects of life (taxes, recycling, carbon trading, e/migration etc) so plenty to go at - but as Clod says, some connections may be too subtle for the judges, but if it forces people to think...

    (ha ha, nice sig Clod, was a great series).
  5. Clodhopper

    Clodhopper Well-Known Member

    A quick question - are you allowed to enter pics which have been published before?
    Or do they need to be totally new images? It's still bl**dy cold out there in spite of the alleged global warming, & there's not long to shoot new stuff...
  6. Damien_Demolder

    Damien_Demolder Well-Known Member

    Yes, Mr Hopper. There is nothing that says it can't have been published before.

    Don't worry about the cold - that's extreme weather!
  7. Hotblack

    Hotblack Dead Horse Flogger

    I think you'll find that's Ms Hopper, Damien
  8. Clodhopper

    Clodhopper Well-Known Member

    Damn! I was hoping nobody knew about the surgery ... :D
  9. Damien_Demolder

    Damien_Demolder Well-Known Member

    Never could tell the difference! :D :D

    Sorry Ms
  10. Damien_Demolder

    Damien_Demolder Well-Known Member

    [fingers crossed behind back mode] You know, I'm not always right [/fingers crossed behind back mode] but I was having a chat with some of my EISA buddies last week and surprise surprise their readers thought the competition was very difficult...and there have not been the millions of entries expected from all quarters (if you know what I mean). Our deadline is a lot later than in other countries so some of them have closed already. Nod, wink, nudge. ;)

    I know that many of you are excellent photographers, and you are a lot better than you give yourselves credit for. You are also streets ahead of the readership of some of our counterpart publications in Europe. With a little bit of thought I'm fairly certain an AP reader could win this competition. I'm not saying that because I want to be able to gloat over Austria and the French, but because I believe it is true.

    If anyone wants some help with ideas or editing or anything send me a PM and I'll give you all the help you want. (I mean that too)

    I am going to the EISA conference in a couple of weeks time and I know I will be in trouble for allowing a late deadline, so it would be handy if you are thinking of entering if you could let me know (via PM). I'll not hold you to it or hassle you for your pictures if you decide not to go ahead in the end, but it will give me an idea of how many entries we'll have.

    damien xx
  11. Damien_Demolder

    Damien_Demolder Well-Known Member

    I've also just noticed that other countries have stated the submission should be '6-10 pictures'. So I'll change our rules too.
  12. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member

    That would make it easier then. PM sent.
  13. zellbrink

    zellbrink Member

    i wonder what camera it will be? right now, i consider the d3 as the current best for it's price range. sure, there are better medium and large format cameras, but for the 35mm range, it has got to be the d3. if you are pro, who needs live view? ;)
  14. Barney

    Barney Well-Known Member


  15. TheFatControlleR

    TheFatControlleR :Devil's Advocaat: Forum Admin

    Here you go Nick. Enjoy!


    Mwahahaha!! :rolleyes:
  16. Benchista

    Benchista Which Tyler

    Why? I was quite correct. It's 2008-2009, not 2009 - totally different thing. :D
  17. TheFatControlleR

    TheFatControlleR :Devil's Advocaat: Forum Admin

  18. Malcolm_Stewart

    Malcolm_Stewart Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. I don't think even my 1D MkIII can do that! at a 1/60sec...

    but perhaps with a newer pro body it may be possible?

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