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Which Panasonic camera to try?

Discussion in 'Panasonic Chat' started by Bazarchie, May 17, 2018 at 9:04 AM.

  1. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    I am planning to attend a Panasonic trial event at a local National Trust property this weekend. Missing the royal wedding probably means I'll be sent to the Tower, but as I know nothing about Panasonic cameras, what camera should I try? I have no interest in video so looking for a DSLR equivalent full frame or APS-c.
  2. El_Sid

    El_Sid Well-Known Member

    Er, Panasonics are all micro-4/3rds... They all do video as well.

    Assuming you still decide to go the most likely options to look into are the G80, the G7 and if you're feeling flush the G9. These are principally aimed at the stills photographer though the do have video capability. The GH5 is also SLR styled but is more aimed at the video user and is slightly more expensive than the G9. As well as these they do some rangefinder style cameras of which the GX9 is probably the pick of the bunch.

    My own Panasonics are a couple of oldies (G3 and G10) but I keep having to fight the temptation to upgrade. I like that most of the latest models now offer sensor based stabilisation in addition to the in-lens OIS option which now means it's possible to use Olympus lenses without sacrificing IS...
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  3. Chester AP

    Chester AP Well-Known Member

    You obviously haven't done much research about the cameras they make, so take the chance to handle them all and use the viewfinders... only then consider the specifications and your budget.

    Or go to decent camera shop instead - one that will offer you more than one brand to choose from. If you really want full frame or APS-C, and don't care about video, another brand may be better for you. But first find out what type of camera fits your hands and what size of camera (and lens) you are prepared to carry.

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