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Which bridge camera should I choose?

Discussion in 'Help Team' started by Dja1987, Jun 8, 2017.

  1. Dja1987

    Dja1987 New Member

    I'm not sure which bridge camera to buy either the Panasonic lumix fz 82
    Or Sony cybershot DSC HX400
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Thank you
  2. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    I own both Panasonic and Sony cameras (though not these two). Build quality is much the same. The specification of the two you mention is much the same. The price is much the same. Best bet is go to a shop that has both and see which one suits you better.
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  3. Andytw

    Andytw Well-Known Member

    Two areas where the Panasonic differs from the Sony are that the Panasonic shoots 4K video and also has the option to shoot in RAW mode which will give more flexibility if you wish to edit/process your pictures in photoshop or similar programs.
    The Sony has a tilting rear screen whereas the Panasonic's is fixed in place.
    Otherwise the specifications are similar and unless one of these is a must have then as Andrew advised it is best to try both to see which you prefer.
  4. exspmr

    exspmr In the Stop Bath

    I haven't tried an FZ82, but I tried a HX400 for a while before buying an FZ1000; and few things favoured the latter.

    - I found the menu structure on the Panasonic considerably more logical and easier to navigate.(I think that the FZ82 is similarly laid out.)
    - The FZ1000 is ready to shoot much more quickly -- almost instantly -- after switch on, where the Sony took several seconds. This seems to be a Panasonic speciality
    - The AF on the FZ1000 is far quicker and more accurate.

    I also much prefer the larger, more detailed viewfinder on the FZ1000 -- though I'm not sure how the .FZ82 compares. The FZ1000 is slightly larger than the Sony and that fitted my hand better. The Panasonic cursor control is far easier to use; the Sony version doesn't have enough 'lip' to allow reliable control without looking. I found the Panasonic's controls and layout vastly preferable.

    The Panasonic has more configurable buttons and more flexibility in its configuration than the Sony; though I admit I haven't done much with it yet.

    Both have the annoying habit of retracting the lens for no good reason. For example, if you press the review button to check the last shot, it retracts then lens, which it you've spent time framing your subject and want to try it again after review is just damned annoying. The Panasonic does at least have a "Zoom resume" option.

    I wish there was a 'only move the zoom when I ask for it; or at power off' option. I cannot see the point of this feature. Seems to me that rather than saving energy, it consumes more every time it retracts the zoom and I have to re-zoom.

    Disclaimer: I'm very new to this myself, so don't take any of that as authoritative. Just my findings and food for your thought.

    Update: One distinct advantage of the HX400V is that it is vastly more capable for macro work than the FZ1000, allowing you to focus right down to 1cm at the wide end and get much closer -- and thus fill much more of your frame with the subject -- throughout the zoom range. The Panasonic's "macro zoom" mode (basically in camera cropping with upscaling) is a poor substitute.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2017

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