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Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by HippoPete, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. HippoPete

    HippoPete Member

    I going to Tenerife as part of company "do". Golf seems to be the mainstay of the leisure activities (a good walk ruined etc) so I'm hpoing to use the opportunity to practice with my new camera.

    I'd appreciate any advice on locations no matter hour obscure. I'd rather spend two hours in a taxi than on a golf course!

    There is on attraction on offer and that is a whale watching trip so on a techical note I need to be prepared here, polarizing filter for water?, UV or skylight for general use?

    Many Thanks,
  2. John_Baker

    John_Baker Well-Known Member

    Not much action in response to your question, I was there a about a month back, no expert but I can give you some places of interest. I went at the time of the recent tightening of security, I could not take my normal camera bag so I decided to leave all my SLR kit at home and was restricted to my Panasonic FZ10 – it was not quite what I had planned, but I did get some results...

    Best day out is Mount Teide some 12,188 feet (3,715 m) or to put that in perspective that is 3x the height of Snowden. Bus ride will take you up an amazing road to the crater; the last bit of the journey is via cable car (extra €10) – Tenerife is quite windy and when the wind picks up they close the cable car!!! The mountain is very high, when you get out the cable car you know you are at serious altitude, it is not recommended for people with a weak heart. The very last bit to the summit approx 250m requires a special permit. Amazing Luna landscape, awesome views area was used in Star Wars and Planet of the Apes (the old Charlton Heston version). http://home.no.net/torztein/tenerife/teide.htm


    We were based in Playa de la Arena (West coast), interesting trip up from the airport as the main crop seemed to be bananas which were literally everywhere.

    Spent a couple of days in Los Gigantes – good for pilot whale and dolphin watching, amazing cliffs – boat trips are guaranteed to see either whales or dolphins, which was quite good. However, trying to get a whale with a compact digital was not easy!

    Had a great day out at Loro Park (Parrot Park) in Puerto De La Cruz - with the largest collection of parrots in the world, the worlds largest penguinarium (totally amazing place), a dolphinarium, sealions, zoo and tropical gardens as well as a a great set of killer whales – I am not normally big on zoos but this was very well done – very busy in season - http://www.loroparque.com/menuingl.html
    Just to prove you can occasionally get it right with a compact...

    There are some great flowers; in particular you need to see the bird of paradise flowers growing like weeds...

    Place is duty free – so lots of places selling mid range camera kit, prices were not bad, good for watches, perfume, etc.

    Also you will get a good sunset...

    Enjoy your trip.
  3. RussB

    RussB Member

    Hi Pete

    I was on Tenerife in late March this year, and I'm happy to tell you that there are many and varied opportunities and locations there. There is a rider to this; you have to get away from the built-up areas, which appeared to me to consist of little more than hotels, bars and shops. I was lucky in that I stayed in Playa Paraiso, which although built up is also small and has easy access to interesting coastline and landscapes.

    I did a whale watching trip on a vessel called Freebird, which ports at Los Christianos. Worthwhile IMO, but you are at the whim of the creatures and we didn't see any dolphins at all, a bit disappointing. I used 100-300mm zoom for that, and it was about right, I got close up to the the small whales which did turn up. Unfortunately they were not especially charismatic and their eyes rarely broke above the water, which made for some fairly joyless pictures.

    John is right - a trip to Mount Teide is a must. I preferred the area around the mountain (as opposed to the top of it) for lanscape shots. At the top, tourists are heavily restricted as to where they can go, resulting in 180º arc in which you can shoot, not 360º.

    A couple of things to consider; the light on Tenerife is harsher than in the UK in that there is less pollution and that it is closer to the equator. As a result, landscapes change their appearance dramatically throughout the day, much more so than in the UK. Half an hour can turn a gorgeous vista into something so-so, and vice versa.


    The other thing I'd mention is to keep an eye out for unusual things you might not see in the UK, as there are a lot of them. Some of my favourite shots are of the trunk of a eucalyptus tree in the grounds of our hotel. They are really simple shots and may not mean anything to anyone else, but they contain a lovely variation of colours and textures, and are endlessly pleasing to me.


    I hope any of the above helps, have a great trip.


  4. joefox

    joefox Member

    Only just noticed this. Another photographer and myself run photographic workshops in Tenerife so heres a few places.

    Mount Teide but also the forested areas on the way up.
    The moonscapes just past the mountain with the buttes mentioned above.
    Head North, North, North - once you hit this end of the island you are away from holiday hell and into the more scenic areas, various churches, wee castles and if you are really game the road to the lighthouse at the North West of the island is worth a trip by itself.

    I wouldnt bother with the taxi as car hire from one of the local places (like record) is reasonably cheap (Im out again for a course in a fortnight and small car hire for the week is the same price as a taxi to our first venue in the north).
  5. was at Puerto De La Cruz last month. Loro Parc was great and the salt pools were another point to look at.
  6. Jim_Bell

    Jim_Bell Member

    A word of warning. A friend of mine has just returned from Tenerife. Whilst there he purchased two small cameras; an Olympus and a Canon; neither of which cost more than £100 here in the UK. The price shown on the box for both cameras was over 1250 eu. When converted this amounted to £840! If you are going to buy a camera out there make sure you are aware of the local prices. :(
  7. joefox

    joefox Member

    Camera prices have gone to ridiculous levels in the last 2 weeks - shop quoted prices for the 5D have almost doubled for no apparent reason.
    There are one or two decent photo shops in Santa Cruz and are easy to find off the main street (we send our student there).
    Like everywhere else in the world if you shop in the tourist mecca/holiday hell areas (the majority of the south of the island) you will get ripped off.

    Things like perfumes can be cheaper purchased on the net in the UK but other things like certain lenses (again bring prices beforehand as we found that prices from eg one sigma lens to another vary about 20% either way - can be 20% cheaper or 20% dearer than UK depending on lens).
    I forgot to bring my sunglasses this course and purchased a pair or Arnetti sunglasses here yesterday for 20% less all in than the cheapest website that will post to the UK.

    If you are interested in technology items have a look at the carrefour website - they have a big shopping centre here in Tenerife (again we take students there) if you do a bit of searching you can download pdfs of their latest offers and use them to compare. (currently they have an acer laptop £100 or so cheaper than pcworld but again you might be able to get better deals elsewhere).

    There are a good many bargains to be had here (well I'm in Tenerife at the minute) but as usual beware - if in doubt ask a local! (and indeed bring one with you ;-))

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