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Tamron outlines expansion plans

Discussion in 'News - Discussion' started by CSBC, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. CSBC

    CSBC RIP (News Editor)

  2. rjbell

    rjbell Well-Known Member

    It's good news you can never have to much choice of lenses. I know zooms are there thing but i hope they come out with some cheap primes.
  3. John_Black

    John_Black Member

    Its good to see more manufacturers support the new lens formats. We can expect Tamron to produce some good inexpensive convenience zooms. I think that the Sony E mount and Samsung NX systems are in more need of third party support than the micro four thirds system but the support of MFT must be a vote of confidence for Olympus and Panasonic.
  4. rjbell

    rjbell Well-Known Member

    samyang have announced a AF nex lense for 2013. So things are looking good for the 3rd party lens market.

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