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T3i Images & Video Pink and Grainy... Canon Quotes $200 Repair

Discussion in 'Canon Conflab' started by JMASTERJ, Oct 11, 2017.


    JMASTERJ Member

    Hey guys... my T3i images and video have become grainy and pink discolored, possible hardware damage. This is the first time this has happened and it happened right in the middle of the day when some videos were perfect and then all of a sudden, one video was problematic.

    • There were no damages to the camera in that it did not get wet, dropped, temp change, particles, nothing
    • Did not take direct photos of the sun or otherwise extreme photo sources
    • Camera has never shown any signs of degradation or otherwise any problems
    • The Problem: Photos AND videos: Look discolored (mostly reddish/purple hues)
    • Everything looks bad in the camera LCD display and after downloaded to PC, live and after taking photo
      Troubleshooting steps taken and more info to help:
    • Flash and no flash
    • Regular and telephoto lenses ISO from 100 to 3200
    • Every different auto setting, i.e., M, P, A+, Creative, video, etc, etc....
    • Indoor/Outdoor Long and short shutter speeds
    • Using viewfinder and display when taking photo Images look fine if you just look through the glass viewfinder
    • With and without SD card inserted, images look bad on the LCD
    • Tried 2 different batteries, near/full charges
    I couldnt think of anything else to try so I sent it to Canon repair and they quoted me $193 without telling me why or what is wrong. Their reply to my query:

    "Repairs for the Rebel T3i have a flash rate and are classified as either standard or major. Based on the problem description provided, and the model, the service center has determined this repair falls under the standard flat rate cost. The flat rate cost includes labor and parts, as well as the return shipping cost."

    So my question is, pay this and get it fixed, assuming this will not lead to other problems and it keeps snowballing, or do I just sell this as is or whatever and by a new version of EOS?

  2. EightBitTony

    EightBitTony Well-Known Member

    What's the second hand price for a 600D in your part of the woods? You might find it's almost the same price and worth considering.

    A repair by Canon should come with a warranty of some kind, so you should feel confident that getting it repaired won't cause other issues.

    The T3i (600D) is a nice camera, but there are better Canon models out now, so again, it's just a straight up cost comparison between something new (or something second hand but higher spec) and the camera you've got.
  3. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    A flat rate repair charge means they'll fix it whatever is wrong - trivial or serious. They are averaging their costs. They probably warranty the repair for 12 months.

    If you replace it then the choice is used or new. Personally I'd only buy used from a shop so as to have a warranty.

    If you have a camera shop close by they might also give an independent view of the cost of repair but I'd expect to pay an upfront labour charge for someone to open it up to assess the damage so you take a gamble on it being trivial or serious.

    JMASTERJ Member

    Thanks guys!

    So I am 90% sure I will do this but have a few questions from some of u who may have actually owned some of these:

    1. Pay the $200 and then sell for hopefully $250 or so with the lens and battery etc.... and maybe the zoom lens also, bec looking into the Canon EF-S 18-135mm, which seems to be a good all around for a lower price and IS which might be important for me when I do some movement videos.
    2. Buy a SL2 or T7i since video is almost as important to me as photos. Leaning towards the T7i for the additional focal points altho I know that will not really give me a video advantage.
    3. Deciding between a used or new T7i... I hate buying used equipment that I hold and use in my hand and near my face, just a personal issue... is there any validity to this or is it just in my head? Also if my T3i can go bad after a while, what says a used other model wont also go bad?
    FYI, I have barely used my T3i in the last 6 year or so. Meaning I can literally remember most of the times I have used it, and its not much at all, I can easily sell it for mint condition, never been nicked, dropped, nothing, and it still went bad.

    So if I do get the T7i, which I assume IS DEFINITELY an upgrade over the T6i (which I saw a decent deal recently) for video work, I am thinking for now, even though I am strapped, I just use a credit card and suck it up for another $100+ or so.


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