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Swapper - an interesting read

Discussion in 'Talking Pictures' started by beatnik69, Sep 29, 2017.

  1. beatnik69

    beatnik69 Well-Known Member

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  2. Fishboy

    Fishboy Well-Known Member

    Fascinating stuff - thanks for the link. In case anybody reading the article hasn't noticed, if you keep scolling down there's page after page of stuff, more of the story and more iconic pictures from other Magnum photographers.

    Cheers, Jeff
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  3. RovingMike

    RovingMike Crucifixion's a doddle...

    Interesting. Thanks for posting. Wonder why he called his Venice Beach 1980 shot "Rollerblading" when they quite obviously weren't?
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  4. Craig20264

    Craig20264 Well-Known Member

    Yes, a good read and watch. Thanks for posting.
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  5. londonbackpackr

    londonbackpackr Well-Known Member

    If you have 20 minutes to spare, you can listen to the story in his own words

    I've always thought that print swaps were a good idea but it doesn't seem to be a 'thing' between normal photographers.

    Although since the Magnum/Printspace swap earlier this year, it seems to be a big thing now, with the Printspace now starting a global permanent print swap site.

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  6. Done_rundleCams

    Done_rundleCams AP Forum Ambassador to Canada

    WOW :eek:

    Thanks :)

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