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Sunsets in Essex

Discussion in 'Photographic Locations' started by gerfy, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. gerfy

    gerfy New Member


    I'm VERY new to the world of photography and this is my first post here - so please be gentle!

    I did a course at college last year as I've always fancied getting into photography. Anyway, I loved the course, but since it ended I've let things slide and rarely find time to get out and shoot. But I'm off work in the next couple of weeks, and I fancy taking a few sunset shots either in my area or not a million miles away.

    Anyone know anywhere decent in Essex for shooting sunsets? I've been out half a dozen times now in my quest, but either the sun set exactly where I did it want to, or visibility was awful.


  2. gray1720

    gray1720 Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest that you want to be somewhere along the Thames coast, with the oil refineries and the like to your West, because the more sh... rubbish in the air, the more intense the colours will be - the North Kent Coast is good for that sort of thing, because of all the heavy industry on the Isle of Grain.

    However, unless you have a truly gusset-moistening sunset, you will need to find some point of interest to shoot against. Sunsets happen all the time, at least once a day, so you need to find something interesting in itself to combine with the sunset to make the best of both. Frankly, you are limited in terms of landscape features (though I suppose you could try to track down the mysterious mountain that the Olympic mountain bikers will be riding up and down!) - much as I like my ancestral county, it's not got any awe-inspiring scenery! So look out for windmills, churches, boatyards if you are on the coast.... I guess somewhere like St Peter's on the Wall or Maldon might be worth a look? Especially at harvest time, when there will be a lot of dust to the West almost wherever you are. Beacon Hill at Dovercourt? The lighthouses there? Harwich lighthouses and crane? Thaxted, perhaps, with the church on the hill and the windmill?

    Not sure how helpful the places will be, as I don't know where you are in Essex, but hopefully that will give you some food for thought?

  3. gerfy

    gerfy New Member

    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for the reply. I'm from the darker side of Essex... Basildon. Not a lot of nice scenery to use as a backdrop there! My main problem is that on the odd occasion I do find a location that a sunset would look reasonable, the sun sets in the completely wrong place.

    Maldon is doable, but again, it's finding somewhere in Maldon where I know the sun will set in the right place, behind something photogenic. I though Hadleigh Castle would be good, but on my few visits there the sun disappeared behind some trees.

    I even tried really early on the mudflats of Leigh-On-Sea for a sunrise. The visibility was so poor that morning, the sun literally rose from nowhere and suddenly it was morning!

    Maybe I'm just unlucky? Somewhere along the Thames is a possibility, it's just knowing where...
  4. Norman

    Norman Well-Known Member

    You need one of these.
  5. gerfy

    gerfy New Member

    Wow, what a great device! I'm going to order one ASAP, thanks much appreciated.

    Just need to find a location to use the device on now! :p
  6. Mr_P

    Mr_P Well-Known Member

    Remember also, that taking a photograph at sunset doesnt mean you have to point the camera at the sun.

    If you look behind you at what is being bathed in golden light, you may find a better and more interesting photo.
  7. hil26

    hil26 Well-Known Member

    It's cheaper to download TPE - the photographers ephemeris - free download to pc, small price for the app - iPhone, iPod, iPad.
  8. Graham_RM13

    Graham_RM13 Well-Known Member

    There is also an addon to Google Earth that will do something similar.

    The RSPB Rainham gets some good sunsets, across the lakes and water meadows. You can stay late as it has an automatic exit system.
  9. si-in-sx

    si-in-sx New Member

    have you tried St Mary the virgin, little burstead? there's also the view towards london from the top of langdon hills. if you want water in yer shot with some nice relctions i'm sure 2 tree island will be a good spot if the sun's in the right spot. howz that do u for starters?

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