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Sticky situation

Discussion in 'AP Magazine Feedback & Suggestions' started by GeoffR, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    I have emailed the following to APanswers but I thought it would be appropriate to post here too.

    One of the queries in Tech Support dated 1 April relates to the back of a Nikon F90 becoming sticky.

    The answer provided, whilst technically correct is not relevant to the question.

    I have an F90X and the material which covers the OUTSIDE of the camera back does indeed become tacky with age. The answer is to detach the back from the camera, one end of the hinge is sprung to facilitate this, and clean off the offending coating using, as suggested Isopropyl alcohol. This will leave a shiny surface and obviously will also remove the scene mode information printed there-on.

    It is most unlikely that the foam light seals have deteriorated on the F90 for the very simple reason that it doesn’t have any.

    I have to admit that I had to find my own F90X to confirm the absence of foam light seals and, at the same time found that I have only removed enough of the coating to allow my thumb to sit comfortably, the rest is slightly sticky but looks much worse than bare plastic.
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  2. Learning

    Learning Ethelred the Ill-Named

    I had the same problem with my own old F90.

    Off at a tangent now but still F90. I had, still have , an old AF Sigma 400mm f5.6 lens, and a 1.4 times converter also from Sigma. The combination was f8 but the F90 AF worked, albeit sluggishly, although it should not have done so. I was somewhat disapointed that a subsequent F100 would not AF with that combination.

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