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Soft Box

Discussion in 'Help Team' started by k-jones, Apr 1, 2001.

  1. k-jones

    k-jones New Member

    I am relatively new to potography and have started out in digital, although pretty accomplished in the use of photoshop i am now trying to set up an amateur studio at home and would like to know how to make a soft box for illuminating subjects from the front to take away shadows left by the flash, help or advice would be most appreciated
  2. Joël Lacey

    Joël Lacey Member

    Are you using an on-camera flash, or off-camera flash. That will make a diference to the answer. If it is the former, there are a number of proprietary products available (mail order or at good retailers) that will be easier to use than a home-made version. Look for Lumedyne bouncers (over which you can hand some material) or there are evev inflateable softboxes. If you can use your flash off-camera, then you can diffuse it (make it soft) by placing a sheet of this material (white, with no colour in it) to soften your flash picture. The bigger the diffuser area, the further away from the flash it needs to be but the softer the light and the less shadowing you will get. Whether you use flash on or off cmera, you want to use TTL flash metering if your camera has it, or add a stop or two extra exposure to compensate for the loss of light through the diffuser

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