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Discussion in 'News - Discussion' started by tonymidd, Oct 24, 2000.

  1. tonymidd

    tonymidd Well-Known Member

    See in todays AP that sanity may be coming to the RPS, they are thinking of moving to Birmingham! When this was mooted many years ago it was decrided, just as the Bradford museum was, by the south of Watford mentality. Just for the record the Central library in B'ham has one of the finest collections of photographic books in the UK and probably a more important picture collection than the RPS. Lets hope the move takes place in the near future.
    It would mean that the majority of the population, south of the border, would be with in easy reach, London, Manchester, Leeds, Bath less than two hours away.
  2. DHarman

    DHarman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your comments, we're watching developments at the RPS closely here at AP. If anyone else would like to comment on the RPS's proposed move on this news discussions thread, then feel free and I'll keep an eye things.

    Also, anyone wanting to speak directly to us on this RPS story, you can call our news Editor, Chris Cheesman on: 020 7261 5099 (from UK).


    Doug Harman: AP
  3. phil

    phil Well-Known Member

    I think the RPS moving to Birmingham is great; both for its central location and to further enhance the second city. But where are we going to put it? Brum has art galleries etc, but a major collection and institution requires its own site. This involves two things; firstly money - does the RPS have enough funds for a major building - a nice well designed building is preferable for us brummies, I think we had enough of square concrete in the '70s. Secondly a suitable location in the city is needed. Birmingham is under going a majar phase of redevelopment and as the idea of moving the rps has only just been mooted, so it will not figure in the proposed future for the city. But there is a chance for something good to happen - look at the Lowry complex in Manchester - soon to be enhanced by a new imperial war museum site. This has had an major effect and rejuvinated a neglected region left as a remnant of an industrial age - and Birmingham has plenty of those. What is required is a strategic move and not just relocation to the impoverished north (north of watford gap anyway!). Where ever the RPS lands it should make a mark, not just a "millenium" charade i.e. build it quick and tell the public its for the new century, but a statement about the power appeal and interest that the "image" and the photographer can generate. We're supposed to artistic and creative people lets use these skills in the development of the new centre for the exhibition of the best of our efforts. I do hope that Brum offers a home to the RPS its a good place full of good things and people, but lets ensure its done with style and not the damp squib approach as so often happens. Avoiding this approach involves everyone - the RPS, Birmingham residents, photographers, developers, sponsers, architects, visitors and the dreaded Birmingham City council ( I still haven't forgotten the lump of plastic in Centenary Square!)we all need to speak up, to be heard and to be listened to (the last two in the list are different - trust me). Sorry I rant, but I work in Brum (just outside at the university) and have to endure the building work across the campus and city. This is tolerable if it to a good end, but I deplore bad design, architecture and planning, all of which should not be applied to a new site for the RPS.


    Dr. P.W. Cox
  4. tonymidd

    tonymidd Well-Known Member

    I understand that the RPS move may be to the Central Library, they claim to have the space but any where in the city centre would pose parking problems, even worse than those in Bath and nearly as bad as London! I would like to see it housed at the NEC complex, this would give the RPS fabulous road, rail, and air access.
  5. phil

    phil Well-Known Member

    According to the local news - for local people, the central library is due to be knocked down soon and moved so perhaps the rps may find a dedicated home in the new premises - As for access what do you mean? it only took a mate one and a quarter hours to cross town this morning - no worries!

    Dr. P.W. Cox

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