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Round Seven - Away From Home

Discussion in 'Amateur Photographer Of the Year (APOY)' started by Chrissie_Lay, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Chrissie_Lay

    Chrissie_Lay AP Editor's PA

  2. AGW

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    We are going to end up talking about it so I just chopped out the vulgar bit about prizes and rules......after all, we are just in it for the art!

    The theme for round seven is Away from home – in other words, travel photography. We are looking for eye-catching and inventive images of people, architecture, landscapes and so on, taken outside the area in which you live. This doesn't mean your image has to be taken in another country (although it could be), as an imaginative coastal shot taken in Blackpool is just as valid as an image of a bustling street market in Morocco or a white sandy beach with clear blue waters. In fact, we're looking for images that avoid the obvious subjects and instead offer something a little different.
    Try to think creatively. Original images that are well conceived, interpret the brief in an innovative way and are technically excellent will catch the judges' attention.

    The theme for round seven is one that is perfect for the summer holiday season: travel photography. Whether you are jetting off to an exotic island, or jumping in the car to another part of the UK, there are copious opportunities to create captivating travel images. From classic landmarks in tourist areas to less well traversed locations, we're looking for images that capture the essence of the place or present it in a new, compelling way. The central challenge is how to photograph a scene that has been photographed hundreds of times before – how to create an image that is a little bit different.

    We've seen hundreds of photographs of the Eiffel Tower, for example, so how can you make yours unique? This will come down to how you interpret the scene in front of you, the composition you choose, choice of lens and so on. It may be an idea to stay away from the most often photographed subjects, but if you do choose a popular location or subject, try framing it in an unusual way or shooting from a different vantage point. Famous landmarks may be the obvious choice, but there is a lot of world out there to explore, both far away and closer to home, so get out there and start photographing it.
  3. mark_jacobs

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    Re: Theme.......

    In which case I will add a link that explains the rules, T&Cs etc so that entries are received all present and correct ;)

    > How to enter APOY 2011 <

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