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RIPN and Names in colour

Discussion in 'Forum Notices & Announcements' started by Fen, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. Fen

    Fen Well-Known Member

    You'll notice that some people put certain letters after their names and you might (well maybe) have asked yourself what it all means.

    They correspond with how many posts you've entered in the forums (see footnote). When you reach a certain amount you qualify for the next grade. Numbers and are as follows:

    Upto 250 posts - status Member allowed to use MRIPN after their moniker

    251 - 750 posts - status Fellow allowed to use FRIPN after their moniker

    751 - 1500 posts - status Insane allowed to use IRIPN after their moniker

    1501 - 2500 posts - status Completely Insane allowed to use CRIPN after their moniker

    2501 - 4000 posts - status Nutter allowed to use NRIPN after their moniker

    4001 posts and your status is A Complete Load Short of the Full Brick which allows you to use ACLSFBRIPN (or BSRIPN for short - this could also allude to B*ll S**t)

    the RIPN stands for - the Rambling Insane Pathetic Nutters

    Footnote: These names have nothing what-so-ever to do with the magazine, it's just something that came about over the years and was developed by various members of the forums :)

    Members names in colour!

    On the forums you'll see various peoples names are in a different colour.

    Blue - A member of AP Staff

    Red - A member of the Admin Team

    Green - A member of the Moderators Team

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