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Registry cleaning heads up...

Discussion in 'Computer Related Help & Discussion' started by swanseadave, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. swanseadave

    swanseadave Well-Known Member

  2. Andrew Flannigan

    Andrew Flannigan Well-Known Member

    It's worth reading the Wikipedia entry on the subject: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Registry_cleaner (although it's marked as needing additional citations)

    Personally I find the registry to be one of the best reasons for avoiding Windows. :(
  3. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    I certainly wouldn't mess with it (the registry) unless I had a genuine and serious problem.
  4. Donkey

    Donkey Well-Known Member

    I use CCleaner which has an option to save before deleting any reg edits it applies just in case, Never had an issue...Yet

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