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R2400 can't see new profile

Discussion in 'Digital Image Editing & Printing' started by DaveS, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. DaveS

    DaveS Well-Known Member

    I think I'm being stupid (Yeah, what's new?).

    I finally got round to profiling my monitor and printer, Dell Ultrasharp 2709W, and Epson R2400. Bought them from a guy called Noah, I think... Running Win 7 Pro Sp1

    Anyway, I used a Colormunki Photo, and all went reasonably well (Considering my chronic cack-handedness and ineptitude), the monitor profile is fine, and set to default (In use now).

    The problem arises with the printer profile. Working through the routine was OK, the two colour patch prints were made and scanned, then colormunki saved the resultant profile. Looking in windows under all profiles, I can see the profile I made. Trouble is, the printer can't. When I set up to print, using ICM Basic, I tick "Show all profiles", and it isn't there. I can see a whole load of other profiles, including the ones I got from Harman and Ilford Imaging, plus the new monitor profile, but not the new printer profile.

    I'm thinking I've missed a step somewhere, but for the life of me I don't know. I looked for a button in the printer dialogue for something like "load new profile", but couldn't see anything.

  2. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    The printer won't see the profile. It needs to be your printing package - what software are you using? (I googled ICM Basic and got intensive care management and midwifery)

    I am Interested to follow how you get on with the Colormunki. I was wondering about updating my Spyder 3 for monitor profiling and also being able to profile my printer. I'm using an iMac rather than Windows.
  3. DaveS

    DaveS Well-Known Member

    Thanks Pete

    Being a lazy so-and-so I print from the Windows Photo Viewer. Clicking on "Print" takes me to a dialogue box, and from there to the printer preferences. This is where I see the profiles if I check "ICM Basic" and "Show all profiles". In the Input profile list I see my monitor profile, while the Output list has the printer profiles, all the Epson ones, plus the two I downloaded. but not the new printer profile I created.

    Under "Color Management", and "Show all profiles", in the printer category I see all the profiles, including the new one.

    My image editing is either one of the raw converters, Canon DPP or Fuji Silkypix raw converter, or else AstroArt 5, a specialist astronomical imaging package, I also have Gimp 2.9.x, but none of these show printer profiles.
  4. DaveS

    DaveS Well-Known Member

    OK, panic over.

    The profile *was* there, it just wasn't called what I expected it to be. Checking the profiles list in Colour Management revealed what it had been named as by Windoze.
  5. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest to print direct from DPP it is good for printing. I've not used it since I moved to lightroom (which brings my different generation Canon files and Fuji files together ) so i'm a bit rusty. You may have to watch the colour space settings if printing jpgs or tiffs from Silkypix (ugh horrid software)

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