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ProCameraShop - any satisfied customers?

Discussion in 'Help Team' started by Malcolm_Stewart, Apr 28, 2012.

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  1. David James

    David James New Member

    Thanks Len, please keep us posted, I'll be interested to hear your thoughts on the goods when they arrive.
  2. Len Collin

    Len Collin Member

    Camera and lens arrived today. Delighted with the camera which was well packed. Lots of quality bubble wrap. The only issue I seem to have is with a CF card that I got elsewhere that isn't formatting. Checked the pins on the cameras card slot, all fine. But I don't have another CF card or card reader to test. So I will sort that out tomorrow. The lens works perfectly. So all in all and after a few hours messing with the 5d. Delighted.
  3. Len Collin

    Len Collin Member

    Oh and it has the latest 1.2.1 Firmware.
  4. Len Collin

    Len Collin Member

    To follow up on the CF Card. Got a 4gb card and used that with the camera today (Biggest the shop had) so the problem I had seems to be with the CF card I got from ebay.
  5. JanzMoke

    JanzMoke Member

    Hi there, JanzMoke here - new to this forum.

    I felt compelled to share my experience of dealing with ProCameraShop (PCS hereafter).
    I, like I guess most on these fora, was apprehensive about buying a 'Grey Import' or 'Parallel Market' goods. I read many reviews including the ones listed earlier in this thread (review centre). I didn't really bother taking it that seriously as there will always be someone that has had a bad experience and just cannot let the thing go, even after resolution - we've all read the comments.
    I decided to phone PCS and asked all the questions I felt needed and they were totally up front with me about it most likely being imported from outside of the European market, it being brand new, latest version, warranty sorted by PCS and absolutely NO duty to be paid by me - shipping from within the UK via UPS. For safety I used my credit card via Google Wallet (as required by PCS) I must admit, that was a a very 'grey' experience and not really convincing. They took 2 days to check my payment for fraud. My first payment failed and the order was cancelled - very frustrating. Once cleared, I received a mail from Google to say things were on their way. The same day, PCS send several mails with tracking info and delivery dates. All went seamlessly! Ordered Wednesday, sent Friday, received Monday. Very well packaged and absolutely perfect. Latest version, English manuals and cables, all sealed, latest firmware too, and NO duty to pay!
    I bought an EOS 6D (W/G) with 24-105mm L Kit for £1519 all in! UK price is £2195 I believe? That's a 30% saving. Will definitely use them again - but will stick to the credit card method
  6. Scphoto

    Scphoto Well-Known Member

    UK retailers would like to thank you for their demise.
  7. JanzMoke

    JanzMoke Member

    Sorry to hear about that, but UK employers either need to pay bigger salaries, or UK retailers need to be less margin greedy. It's my money I'm spending and I will make it go as far as I can. I am on this planet to support me, not UK retailers. When UK retailers are there to support me, I will put my hard earned pounds their way. Let's face it, the trade ins I have offered them over the years in order to feed new product desires should have kept them happy for years. Will be spending my next pounds with who will offer me the best deal.... and service. ProCameraShop have made me feel nothing more than happy and chuffed that I could finally afford great kit at sensible prices
  8. Scphoto

    Scphoto Well-Known Member

    That's fine, apart from the fact that section 75 protection does apply to indirect payment (such as Paypal and Google Wallet).

    Little things worry me:

    Why there's no mention of VAT on their site?
    Why are the terms and conditions on the website not text, but an image.
    Also why is the address in the contact us section also an image.

    It's almost like they want to hide their details from searches.
  9. nimbus

    nimbus Well-Known Member

    Are you serious here? If UK employers pay bigger salaries their prices would have to rise. Margin greedy? Retailers here are struggling to make a profit at all, some suppliers of 'grey' kit are selling at prices lower than than retailers can buy from official sources. When UK retailers are there to support you, by buying in this way you are eliminating or greatly reducing the chance of that.

    Where you buy is your choice, but at least be realistic in anything you put forward as an argument to back up your decisions.
  10. thornrider

    thornrider In the Stop Bath

    I would guess that you and others are never going to be persuaded that you are buying in a way that short cuts the system somewhere. It would be impossible for a UK retailer of legally imported cameras to undercut other peoples prices by 25%. Something hasn't been paid here.

    Now who's that knocking on your door?
  11. spinno

    spinno Well-Known Member

    Must remember that we who pay the full price are envious and full of jealousy of those who don't
  12. thornrider

    thornrider In the Stop Bath

    That's true - I was jealous of the Great Train Robbers.:)
  13. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

    Apart from the silly arguments he puts forward about margins and salaries, the fellow who wants to buy grey has a legitimate point of view, though. There's nothing illegal about it and I get where he's coming from. It's all part of the capitalist system we live in and if you're happy to take a punt on not getting proper back up and security in your purchase then it's all good. I know there are others who disagree and that's a fair viewpoint too.

    Having said that, I was quite happy with Pro Camera Shop for an item I bought a while back until I needed them to help me resolve a query which I thought might be a service issue. I had lost my purchase invoice but had my payment details. They had been great at answering all my queries about the purchase so I saw no problem. However when I wrote to them asking how to proceed all was quiet. Nothin. No reply. I still had heard nothing from them when I found the answer to my issue which thankfully didn't require any service from them. So I'm not as convinced as I once was.

    Their HQ is in HK though they do seem to dispatch goods from the UK IIRC and all their contact details give the impression of a UK based company. (Wonder where they pay their tax?)

    Also a lot of their prices aren't better than UK dealers so you need to take care. If I was buying grey again I'd consider Digital Rev too because they are a well know company with a clear communication and a reputation for reasonableness.
  14. JanzMoke

    JanzMoke Member

    Wow, I really have struck a nerve:( and I guess that some posts may even be from persons involved with or employed by UK retailers - I was however replying to a discussion thread that was asking if there were any satisfied ProCameraShop customers - and that I am.

    Whether or not it is right or wrong to bypass UK retailers and buy 'grey' imports is another discussion.

    Apologies for my exuberance in gloating about the price I paid. However, it is a price that marginally exceeded my budget - but has allowed me to enjoy equipment that would otherwise be out of my reach (upgrading my EOS 20D / EF-S 17-85 - the latter sadly failed)
  15. JanzMoke

    JanzMoke Member

    Who is 'he' - the cat's 'silly' father? Didn't think it was necessary get personal so quickly.:mad: - only joking. Not the sensitive type.

    Will take a look at Digital Rev though... thanks:)

    For now.... I'm going to take my lovely new EOS 6D out of the velvet lined safe and take a few pictures before polishing it and returning it back to safety. Just think, if I'd paid £2200 for it... I wouldn't even allow myself to look at it:cool:
  16. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

    Should have said, welcome to the Forum, JanzMoke. No offence intended and, though I don't agree with your arguments, I was actually trying to defend your point of view :)

    This "grey import" thing is one topic which tends to get people a bit hot under the collar for the reasons you'll have read.

    Glad you're not the sensitive type. You should stick around and enjoy the banter :)
  17. Scphoto

    Scphoto Well-Known Member

    Avoiding tax is illegal. Ignorance of the law is apparently no defence (according to HMRC).

    Interesting, this seems to be a standard reply to criticism of ProCameraShop.

    Anyway, enjoy your 6D kit, it's a great camera.
  18. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

    I don't believe they're avoiding tax necessarily though are they? I don't know their tax status but "grey" imports aren't smuggled. Unless of course I'm wrong.
  19. Scphoto

    Scphoto Well-Known Member

    There's not a lot of evidence about VAT on their site and at 30% discount from UK online sellers something has to give. Especially when you read the statement in the terms and conditions about the buyer being responsible for local duties/taxes.
  20. willie45

    willie45 Well-Known Member

    Possibly that is true. I always thought they made savings because they didn't have to pay prices hiked by UK distributors to cover things like warranty etc.

    I would have thought that if they were on the fiddle they would have felt the weight of the law before now. But As I say I don't really know much about these things. I hadn't read the bit about local taxes and duties and assumed as their stuff was already in the UK and had had duty paid.
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