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Printing nightmare

Discussion in 'Digital Image Editing & Printing' started by Brian, May 19, 2017.

  1. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    Briefly. IMac, latest Sierra OS., Epson SC P 600 printer, latest drivers 9.86. Software LR and PS both latest on subscription. Output required, decent B/W print. Result magenta cast using the paper makers profiles......and many more.. Now where lies the problem? I have tried just about everything even downloaded other editing programs. Cut out software by printing with " printer control" selected......result, just the same.

    However, Epson has an Advanced Black And White mode, tried it........magenta. It is only by applying something like +30 H and +28 V that I can get anything remotely looking like a neutral print. Incidentally Luminous Landscape reviewing my printer in ABW suggested control values in the order of -2H and -3 V would produce a perfect neutral print, WOW some difference, if only the printer is involved in ABW, how can it not be the cause of the problem?

    Printer is connected USB, nozzle check is 100%, Epson blame,Apple, Apple blame Adobe, bother blame Epson and all the time I blame myself for ever getting into this stupid game. Should have taken up self flaggeration......would have been less pain.
  2. Gezza

    Gezza Well-Known Member

    Hi Brian... If you are using the Epson ABW it is quite different. In PS go to print and let photoshop manage colour,set the printer profile to srgb, set the rendering intent to relative colorimetric then click print then click properties which will take you to the Epson driver.
    Choose the paper then colour to abw then mode to custom and then click advance and whatever settings you want in the abw.
    I can only think that its like normally you would only manage colour in one (either ps or printer) but for this you have to almost double profile (normally not a good thing} . I printed a lot in ABW on the 3800 but so far haven't done that much with the sc800 although I did contact Eric Chan about the profiles and he said just use his ones for the 3800 and they will be the same. Not sure if you have ever checked his site but there is/was a lot about this subject and he offers free ABW profiles for most papers. I hope this helps but if not then just check out his site here
    I have tended recently to not using abw so get it right in ps, ps to mange colour and disable management in printer settings
  3. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    Hi Gezza. Prints from, imbedded profiles, downloaded profiles, advanced black and white, advanced colour, even Adobe Advanced with no colour all print showing a dreadful magenta cast. In fact all black and white images show a pronounced magenta cast. As I say with ridiculous settings it can be put right in ABW, but it shouldn't have to be. Something is wrong.

    All my life printing has been my joy, now I feel the only thing is to give up and admit technology has passed me by..........anyone got any second hand knitting needles.
  4. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    I thought you had it working well ? If it worked before and doesn't now the odds are you've done (or not done) something. If it were a colour print I'd say blocked nozzle as colour cast cause. These days I thought printers just use black/grey inks for mono (unless you added a tint).
  5. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    I did Rob, but something has gone wrong. But what? Everything else is fine it's just suddenly this horrible magenta cast has appeared.

    At the moment I am struggling to get a Windows7 laptop to work the printer, trying to get Apple removed from the equation.
  6. Fishboy

    Fishboy Well-Known Member

    Just a suggestion Brian - you say that you've tried printing with 'printer manages colours' selected - did you couple this (in print settings/ colour matching) with the selection of 'Epson Colour Controls' rather than 'Colour Sync'?

    Cheers, Jeff
  7. Gezza

    Gezza Well-Known Member

    As Pete said if it worked before it will work again and you have probably just done something wrong. I am sure they do use colour in the b&w process still which is why it could be double profiled or something wrong with an ink. Only time I had a similar problem was when I had a blue cast on b&w and it was a blocked head (magenta I think) on the 3800.
    Maybe do a nozzle check, do a colour print by letting photoshop manage colour and turning of management in the printer and then do the same with a black and white. Might well be worth having a good read in the Eric Chan link.
  8. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    Just got the PC linked up..............magenta ( expletives edited out)

    To put this into context and remove me from the equation. John Reid of Marrutts actually installed and printed off their test image by remote control, my only involvement was putting the print in the post. He then produced a profile, and again installed and printed it, magenta. I think John deserves a medal, customer service be blowed, this goes far beyond that.

    But there we are, Adobe, Marrutts, Info Repair, Adobe and Epson are all floundering. All software has been installed by the actual suppliers, the nozzle check is perfect but.........

    I have also downloaded another photo editing thingy, you guess.......magenta.

    So Apple and PC tried, result the same hence Apple must be O.K. Adobe PS and LR plus another ( can't remember the name) , result, the same. Hence software can be ruled out. Only thing now is to try hooking up another SC P 600 printer or have me put down.

    So the only thing I can think of is wiping everything off, Mac software drivers the lot iIn case I have just pressed the wrong button along the way.
  9. Gezza

    Gezza Well-Known Member

    Try having a look at this. Especially if you've had an apple update recently. My favourite is still double profiling I'm afraid.
  10. Geren

    Geren Well-Known Member

    Can't help you Brian, but will read Gezza's link later - it might explain the nightmare I just had after importing my InDesign file to Image Print and out to TIFFS for printing....everything in the book I'm making came out looking like someone had smeared red peanut butter over it. I was infromed that 'double profiling' was the issue there as well. Sorted now, but thougth I was going to have to kill someone for a while!
  11. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    Green I know exactly how you feel.

    Gezza just tried your link. Got stuck very early on. Selected printer manages, that's was good for me first step taken. Then crash, it said select printer, good, item 1 shows printer, item 2 which should show Print Setting doesn't, it shows a paper profile and no way of changing it rather then to default whatever that might be. Something's wrong here surely, if I select printer to manage, why is a profile showing with no way of deleting it showing?
  12. Bazarchie

    Bazarchie Well-Known Member

    I hope you find the solution Brian, but this post highlights the reasons why I detest home printing.
  13. Gezza

    Gezza Well-Known Member

    Have you tried photoshop manages first
    When image is ready go to file/print...in printer setup click print settings... in printer dialogue select current settings/select media type/color/max quality/ and mode to off (no color adjustment) Then click ok.......
    Back in photoshop print dialogue under color management/color handling select photoshop manages color, relative colormetric and black point compensation checked then click print.
    Can you let us know what that produces?
  14. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    I will try that tomorrow only I have just had enough for today,
  15. Gezza

    Gezza Well-Known Member

    Try not to think about it tonight,..... there is a strong possibility of impending insanity
  16. 0lybacker

    0lybacker In the Stop Bath

    Brian, it's no consolation now that you have spent all that time and money on ink and paper, but a second printer with only B&W ink cartridges in it should eliminate the magenta cast, blue, cast green cast, any cast for that matter! Sure, it takes up twice as much space and twice as many nozzles mean twice as many opportunities for blockages but it's a great way to nail the problem at source. Cheers, Oly
  17. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    Is there such a beast Oly? I only print black and white, in fact both my digital camera are set for fine B/W JPEGs.k

    Hell look at the time!! And already I'm on this wretched computer.
  18. Roger_Provins

    Roger_Provins Well-Known Member

    I worked at a school with a large art department. They had a need for monochrome inkjet printing so I set up a dedicated printer with only black inks. Running with the correct drivers it produced excellent photos. This was a few years ago and I expect technology has moved on a bit by now.

    The information I mainly used was from Northlight, I see they are still in business.
  19. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    The AP review of the printer (http://www.amateurphotographer.co.uk/accessory_reviews/epson-surecolor-sc-p600-review-48912) says:

    Black & white
    Many printers can introduce a slight colour cast when printing black & white images, which is especially noticeable in mid-grey tones. Epson uses the black inks – photo black or matte black, light black and light light black – to produce the greys, eliminating any colour cast. The black & white photograph on our test print maintains good shadow and highlight detail, and has the feel of a quality darkroom print.

    So some setting is wrong.
  20. Brian

    Brian Venerable Elder

    That hadn't crossed my mind Pete, if it only uses the black inks how can a magenta colour cast be produced.

    If a setting somewhere is wrong would reinstalling clear everything to standard settings and eliminate any user error selected by mistake.

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