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Poll - Would you lend your camera to a friend? 30/1/16

Discussion in 'Weekly Poll' started by Chrissie_Lay, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Chrissie_Lay

    Chrissie_Lay AP Editor's PA

    For last week's poll question we asked - Would you lend your camera to a friend? Please leave your comments here. Thank you. (still open to vote for a couple more days)

  2. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    I have a friend (an ex professional) whom I wanted to appoint as official photographer at my 50th wedding party lending him my 6D. He took a lot of persuading and insisted on my agreeing not to complain if he dropped it, apparently once he had lent a camera to one of his friends who had done just that.

    On the other hand I do lend my cameras to my grandchildren on condition they always have the strap over their neck. One 11 year old granddaughter is a surprisingly good photographer
  3. Fishboy

    Fishboy Well-Known Member

    Yes, I have one friend that I wouldn't hesitate to lend equipment to.

    I did end up in trouble after lending a couple of cameras to my nephews for a photographic outing though. One of them was using my Fuji XPro1 with the strap safely around his neck as instructed, however because of the fact that he the human incarnation of the Anti-Christ he seemed intent on falling into a pond.

    The reason I got in trouble was that as he was teetering close to the point of no return I grabbed the camera instead of the child!

    My explanation that the Satan Child would be fine when he dried out, but the camera wouldn't did not cut much ice with my brother and his wife.
  4. RogerMac

    RogerMac Well-Known Member

    Quite right too - I remember my mother justifying young boys wearing shorts in all weathers by saying "Skin grows for free but trousers cost money to replace"
  5. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Depends on the camera and the friend. I have lent cameras on occasion but I do have cameras that I have not lent and would be loth so to do.
  6. Roger Hicks

    Roger Hicks Well-Known Member

    Dear Pete,

    This is very close to what I was going to write. Depends on the camera; depends on the friend; depends on how long for.

    But sometimes I give people cameras.


  7. Roger Hicks

    Roger Hicks Well-Known Member

    Dear Roger,

    Fiftieth anniversary party, I'd hope, rather than 50th wedding party or you'd have spent most of your life in a divorce court!

    Seriously, congratulations, and yes, I quite often let people (including children) use my cameras when I am around, which is not quite the same as lending them out.


  8. Wheelu

    Wheelu Well-Known Member

    I am rarely without my camera, so it would be a problem for me to lend it to someone for any reasonable period of time. I do allow others to try the camera, and have been grateful to those kindly folk who have used it to take photos of my wife and myself on our hols etc, but a longer term loan, probably not.

    Like Roger above, I have given cameras away when moving on to a newer model, but, mobile phones render cameras less useful to non specialists, and so less desirable these days.
  9. Terrywoodenpic

    Terrywoodenpic Well-Known Member

    Absolutely but probably not my favourite one of the moment.
  10. GeoffR

    GeoffR Well-Known Member

    I might be happier lending the camera than the lens! A Nikon D2X can be purchased for a few hundred pounds but a 17-55 f2.8 is rather more expensive.
  11. cliveva

    cliveva Well-Known Member

    Trained as an engineer, the mantra was, only to lend tools to those you trust to return them as lent. Cameras are tools, sometimes very expensive ones. I may be tempted to loan my cheap(ish) compact, but not my DLSR.
  12. spike 1960

    spike 1960 New Member

    Generally No! Certainly not out of my sight.
    I lent my Canon DSLR to my son for his Uni project and it came back unscathed with only a comment it wasn't as good as the more expensively specced Nikon he uses at College!

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