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Poll - What percentage of your photo equipment is second-hand?

Discussion in 'Weekly Poll' started by Chrissie_Lay, Jun 30, 2016.

  1. PeteRob

    PeteRob Well-Known Member

    Nothing much :) The all used to all new is a simple evolution of economics.

    I started with a gift (Konica FS1 + 50 mm F1.4) - somewhere about 1980 when our firstborn was small. A kit I extended as I came across s/h Hexanon lenses and a second body all of which were very cheap as Konica was a rare fitting where I was and the shop was only too pleased to shift any that came in. Pride of place was a 80-200 F2.8 which was wonderful. The whole lot got nicked (we were burgled). With the insurance claim I bought a second hand 2 body Minolta kit with primes from 28-200 covering everything lost plus winders (the FS-1 was I think one of tbe first cameras with a built in winder and what is now a standard shape grip). I never really got on with the minoltas but they were used until they died. The film advance went on both. I then bought new a Canon 50E with twin lens kit (28-80, 70-300) and most wonderfully autofocus. I still have it. I then bought an ex-demo Bronica 6x6 + 80 mm six months before they went out of business. I added a 50 mm and spare 120 mag s/h.

    When I "went digital" in 2007 I bought a 5D new and from that time I have bought sparingly, new, when I needed something. If I was into collecting or indulging fancies then it might be different. I don't much see the point of duplication although I do have two 70-200 zooms. I was working abroad for 5 years and got fed up with the lens always being in tbe wrong country when I wanted it.

    So what was 100% bought used out of financial necessity is now all new bought and well used.
  2. Roger Hicks

    Roger Hicks Well-Known Member

    Bad luck with the burglary!

    Shame the Minoltas were so unreliable. I still have (and occasionally use) Leicas and Nikons I bought second-hand in the 1970s.

    Then I'd have been crazy to sell my Nikons and Leicas when I bought digital bodies, the more so as Frances still prefers B+W film for everything, including colour, and I still prefer it for B+W.


  3. Elliejones

    Elliejones Active Member

    I'm only just starting out...

    So my AndCanon 1200d was new with 2 kit lenses, 55-85 and 70-300mm...

    The two lenses that I brought so far, a 50mm prime and Tamron 150-600mm are both second hand.

    I don't mind buying second hand and yep, I've been looking at upgrades, when I'm ready to move on...

    It is likely to be second hand body I will buy, as well yes I'm saving, but alas even though I do work very hard, my pay leaves a lot to be desired.... And I don't do credit so second hand to me makes sense... But I will be avoiding Ebay as have no faith of getting a decent deal more likely get ripped off!
  4. Roger_Provins

    Roger_Provins Well-Known Member

    Been using eBay since 2000 and after thousands of transactions have yet to be ripped off.

    Check seller carefully and you'll be fine.
  5. Craig20264

    Craig20264 Well-Known Member

    I agree. As long as you are wary and ask the right questions. My Nikkor 12-24mm came mint and boxed for £350 if I recall correctly. A saving of £500 on the new item!
  6. andymcd

    andymcd Well-Known Member

    I hate to fuel a stereotype, but being Scottish all of my equipment bar one Samyang lens is secondhand.
  7. andymcd

    andymcd Well-Known Member

    I've been ripped off twice on eBay - if I had been more careful checking the sellers then I would have been fine. There are a lot of secondhand dealers on eBay (especially for older lenses) and they all tend to be pretty good.

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